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It’s Not a Press Release. It’s a Viral Press Release!

Hey there, savvy marketer or bewildered business owner! You clicked on this article because you’re either A) tired of the same old boring press releases that no one reads or B) you heard of this spiffy new thing called ViralPR and your curiosity is off the charts.

Either way, I’ve got the goods that’s gonna set your PR strategy on fire. Let’s get into it.

What’s a Press Release?

Alright, let’s start with the basics for those who’ve been living under a rock. A press release is a written statement distributed to the media to announce something newsworthy. It’s like sending a mass text to all your journalist friends saying, “Hey, look at me! I’ve got something cool going on!”

The Pros and Cons of Press Releases: A Deep Dive


  1. Visibility: Sure, you’re announcing your news to the world—even if the world isn’t necessarily listening.
  2. Credibility: There’s something about being mentioned by the media that makes you look like you’ve got your act together.
  3. SEO Boost: Occasionally, and I mean like a lunar eclipse occasionally, a press release might improve your search engine ranking.
  4. Uniform Messaging: You control the narrative, the language, and how you want your company to be presented.
  5. Wide Distribution: If nothing else, you can at least say you tried by sending your press release far and wide, to every nook and cranny of the journalistic universe.


  1. Yawns Galore: Most press releases are about as exciting as watching paint dry on a humid day.
  2. Low Engagement: Even if people find your press release, they probably won’t care enough to share or comment.
  3. Cost Factor: Oh, you thought this was free? Cute. Prepping and distributing a press release will cost you a pretty penny with no guaranteed results.
  4. Easily Ignored: A huge chunk of press releases ends up in a journalist’s “Delete” folder or worse, their spam folder.
  5. One and Done: Once you’ve fired off a press release, that’s it. No do-overs.
  6. Outdated Format: Many outlets don’t even accept traditional press releases anymore. Wake up; it’s not 1999.
  7. Low Recall: Chances are, your audience will forget about it faster than last season’s reality TV winner.
  8. No Real Metrics: Hard to measure success beyond “Hey, we got published!”
  9. Noise Competition: Your single release has to compete with the hundreds that flood a journalist’s inbox daily.
  10. Time-Consuming: Crafting, pitching, and following up takes a lot more time than you’d expect.

The Problem List: What’s Really Wrong with Press Releases

  1. Cookie-Cutter Approach: So templated they feel like IKEA furniture—functional but devoid of soul.
  2. Zero Feels: Unless you consider yawns an emotional response, there’s no connection with the audience.
  3. Limited Reach: No matter how many journalists you email, this won’t travel far without a serious marketing push.
  4. No Resonance: It’s hard for press releases to be culturally relevant or exciting.
  5. Missed Target: Often fails to reach the intended audience because of poor distribution or targeting.
  6. Format Restrictions: Strict guidelines limit your creativity and ability to tell a compelling story.
  7. Overuse of Jargon: They’re often filled with industry-specific terminology that alienates the average reader.
  8. Uninspiring Headlines: They usually feature headlines as exciting as “Quarterly Financial Reports Released.”
  9. Delayed Feedback: You often have to wait forever to figure out if it even made a dent.
  10. Disconnection: No direct way to engage with the audience; it’s a one-way street.

So, there it is—the good, the bad, and the ugly of traditional press releases. Spoiler Alert: ViralPR fixes all these issues. Stay tuned to find out how.

WTF is a viral Press Release?

Viral Press Release (aka ViralTactic’s ViralPR) is like the superhero alter-ego of the regular press release. Imagine if Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive social media bug instead of a spider. That’s ViralPR for you. It includes not just one, but MULTIPLE unique articles framed differently to engage diverse audiences. And get this: it guarantees front-page coverage across various platforms—mainstream media, industry blogs, online communities, and social channels.

Why It’s Basically the PR Holy Grail

  1. Epic Coverage: Not just one platform, but a mosaic of platforms covered, from news channels to niche blogs.
  2. Multiplicity: Various articles mean various chances for engagement.
  3. Intensely Shareable: We’re talking posts so hot they get passed around like gossip at a high school reunion.
  4. Guaranteed Visibility: Unlike traditional press releases, ViralPR guarantees front-page coverage.
  5. SEO On Steroids: With multiple articles out there, the SEO value skyrockets.
  6. Highly Targeted: Reach different audience segments by tailoring articles for each platform.
  7. Real-Time Adaptability: Change your messaging on the fly based on real-time analytics.
  8. Influencer Amplification: Easy to integrate influencer marketing into the mix.
  9. FOMO Generation: Creates a buzz that makes your news hard to ignore.
  10. Value-Add Content: Embed videos, polls, and interactive features that turn passive readers into engaged brand evangelists.

How ViralPR Says “Adios” to Traditional PR Issues

  1. Unique, Never Cookie-Cutter: Each ViralPR article stands out, offering a distinct flavor of your brand message.
  2. Emotional Connection: We’re not just informing; we’re connecting. Our stories make your audience feel—whether it’s laughter, empathy, or inspiration.
  3. Untapped Audience Reach: Why limit yourself? ViralPR’s multi-platform approach can connect you with audiences you didn’t even know you could reach.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Get more bang for your buck by spreading costs across multiple forms of media.
  5. Speedy Turnaround: With pre-selected publishing partners, you don’t have to wait weeks for approval.
  6. No Spam Zone: Your news won’t end up in the trash folder or lost in the sea of other press releases.
  7. Direct Community Engagement: Ability to spark conversations directly in online communities.
  8. A/B Testing: Experiment with different PR headlines and hooks to see what really resonates.
  9. Longer Shelf Life: Different articles keep popping up in feeds, keeping the news fresh and extending its lifespan.
  10. Crisis Mitigation: With real-time adaptability, you can tweak your message to manage potential PR crises more effectively.

The Value It Brings

Alright, listen up. A ViralPR isn’t just about clicks and shares. It’s about creating a lasting impression. Here’s what you get:

  1. Brand Recognition: People don’t just see your story; they interact with it.
  2. Customer Engagement: Traditional PR hopes for coverage; ViralPR aims for conversations.
  3. Measurable Results: Real-time analytics will show you the reach and impact of your ViralPR.
  4. Trust and Credibility: By reaching audiences on platforms they already frequent and trust, you build credibility faster.
  5. Quality Traffic: The varied and highly targeted nature of ViralPR can bring in web traffic that’s more likely to convert.
  6. Omnichannel Exposure: ViralPR doesn’t put all your eggs in one media basket. It gives you exposure across multiple platforms, enhancing overall brand visibility.
  7. Evergreen Content: ViralPR pieces can be designed to offer value over time, not just during the initial news cycle.
  8. Competitive Advantage: While your competitors are busy sending out boring press releases, you’re dominating the conversation with ViralPR.
  9. Improved ROI: With a broader range of exposure and higher engagement levels, your return on investment sees a boost.
  10. Audience Insights: Since you’re engaging audiences on multiple platforms, the feedback you collect is richer and more comprehensive, helping you fine-tune future strategies.

The Grand Finale: Your PR Future Starts Here

So you’ve slogged through the traditional PR trenches and lived to tell the tale. Or maybe you’re new to the game and just trying to avoid some major face-plants. Either way, the future of your PR isn’t in yesterday’s news—it’s in ViralPR.

Why stick with outdated methods that leave you stranded in “Delete” folders and spam traps when you can blast your way onto front pages and social feeds alike? With ViralPR, you’re not just in the news. You are the news. You don’t just get eyes on your brand; you get engagement, conversations, and conversions. You’re not just adding to the noise; you’re starting the parade.

So, ready to ditch the old and usher in the new era of PR? Click below to get started with ViralPR, where your brand becomes the story that everyone can’t stop talking about. Because remember, good PR is telling the world you’re a rock star. ViralPR is showing the world you’re the whole darn festival.

Unleash the Power of ViralPR Now!

And hey, if you still have questions or need some personalized strategy, we’re just a click away. ViralPR isn’t just a service; it’s a revolution. Be part of it. Click below, and let’s make your brand go viral, today!

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