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What if cat’s wrote press releases? Top 5 Purr Releases

We’ve all been there: Getting lost in the hypnotic trance of cat videos on [Your favorite social app]?

One minute, you’re here.

The next, you’re floating in a neon-lit digital universe.

Then, with a cosmic swipe, you find yourself diving into your email galaxy, only to see the monochrome meteorites of mundane press releases.

But wait… the universe shifts, and you’re soaring through a feline dimension where cats are in charge.

Each ping of your inbox sends colorful ripples across the dream. It’s filled with otherworldly cat press releases that shimmer, sparkle, and occasionally explode into glittering stardust.

And guess what?

You’re not you anymore.

You’re now that cat with glistening fur, surfing the kitty news release inbox, reading some of the most incredible news stories you’ve ever read. We scrolled and skimmed the most amazing feline headlines and stories for what seemed to be hours.

Then you suddenly wake up and go back to work.

No? Just me?

Geez, I wonder what was in that catnip…

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note: Here are the top five radiant Cat Press Releases that are out of this world.

Ready fur some fun?

Buckle up and join me for the top 5 Cat Press Releases. And no, they’re not smuggled from a catnip-induced alternate dimension…

Or are they?

#5: Cat Fights


Paws and Anticipation Build as Feline Fighters Prepare for the Ultimate Showdown

Catropolis, August 17, 2023 – The Ultimate Feline Championship (UFC), helmed by cats for cats and their ever-watchful humans, is purr-oud to announce a fur-midable fight card slated for October 10, 2023, at the Grand Litter Dome.

HEADLINE: “Mittens ‘The Mauler’ Tabby” and “Shadow ‘Night Hunter’ Panthera” Claw Their Way to UFC’s Main Event

In the feline world, where cat-naps are abundant but world titles are scarce, Mittens and Shadow emerge. Mittens, the reigning featherweight champion with an unbeaten streak of 20 playful pounces, is set to tangle tails with Shadow, the elusive dark feline who has ambushed 15 contenders in rapid succession.

“Mice and toys are common pursuits, but here, we chase glory. The whisker-twitching intensity of this bout will leave no eye half-shut,” remarked Whiskers “The Pawsident” McFluffy, UFC’s feline overlord.

The co-main event promises an equally compelling fur-fest as “Luna ‘The Luminous’ Siamese” prepares to face-off against “Boots ‘The Bed Brawler’ Calico”. Luna, with her mesmerizing eyes, has dazzled 15 opponents into submission, while Boots, with her calico cunning, claims dominion over the couch weight division.


  • The UFC, being the brainchild of the enigmatic Sphinx “Sir Scratch-a-Lot”, has seen every event turn into a furry fiesta, with the last three matches having feline fans purring in delight and achieving 100% ticket acquisitions in just 24 catnaps.
  • The Feather Wand Frenzy, an added spectacle, witnessed a pawsome 200% spike in feline engagement, making it the must-watch segment of 2022.

“Every whisker, every purr, every graceful leap – it’s all calculated. This lineup promises fur-tastic feats, the likes of which have never been seen in the nine lives of any cat,” mewed Misty “Clawmaster” Purrington, the revered UFC Coach and part-time curtain-climber.

Those not fortunate enough to witness the magic at the Grand Litter Dome can catch every swish and swipe live on “Catflix”, ensuring fans from every alley and rooftop won’t miss out.

Tickets will be up for grabs, or rather, paws, starting September 1, 2023, at MeowTickets.com. Given the unprecedented mouse-murmurs of excitement, early bookings are highly recommended.

About Ultimate Feline Championship (UFC):
Conceived in 2018 amidst a catnip haze, the UFC has grown to become the foremost authority in feline athleticism, merging agility with theatrics, capturing the gaze of millions of felines and their human servants globally.

For media scratches:
Fluffy “The Mews-master” Tailsworth

#4: New Cat Food Launch


A Culinary Revolution in Feline Nutrition is Set to Change the Way Cats Dine

Catropolis, August 20, 2023 – Pawtastic Feasts, a leading name in feline nutrition and gourmet experiences, is thrilled to unveil “Meow Gourmand”, its latest culinary masterpiece for cats. This new line of cat food is set to hit the shelves on October 1, 2023, at select pet stores and gourmet outlets.

Crafted by Feline Food Critics: “Meow Gourmand” Elevates Cat Dining to a Fine Art

In an industry worth an estimated $25 billion, where choices are as varied as the whiskers on a Maine Coon, “Meow Gourmand” stands distinct. Each recipe is curated by a panel of discerning feline food critics, ensuring flavors that cater to even the most finicky of feline palates.

“It’s more than just food; it’s an experience. A symphony of flavors that ensures every mealtime is a celebration. We believe our feline companions deserve nothing less than gourmet,” purred Whiskers “The Culinary Cat” McFluffy, CEO of Pawtastic Feasts.

The gourmet line will include mouth-watering flavors like “Salmon Symphony”, “Tuna Tartare Delight”, and “Chicken Chasseur à la Cat”. These dishes not only promise unparalleled taste but are also fortified with essential nutrients to ensure feline health and vitality.


  • A survey conducted by Pawtastic Feasts in 2022 found that 70% of cat parents are actively seeking gourmet dining options for their feline companions, underscoring the timely introduction of “Meow Gourmand”.
  • Each “Meow Gourmand” dish undergoes rigorous taste tests, with over 100 feline testers ensuring the flavors are purr-fect to the last bite.

“Nutrition and taste should go paw-in-paw. ‘Meow Gourmand’ isn’t just a meal; it’s a promise of health, vitality, and a culinary journey that honors our feline companions,” mused Chef Tabby Tastetester, the mastermind behind the gourmet recipes.

For those eager to treat their cats to this culinary marvel, “Meow Gourmand” samples will be available at the upcoming Catropolis Food Fair on September 10, 2023. Additionally, exclusive early bird offers will be extended to attendees.

About Pawtastic Feasts:
Founded in 2015, Pawtastic Feasts has rapidly ascended the ranks of feline nutrition providers. The brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to creating meals that resonate with the feline spirit.

For media nibbles:
Fluffy Whiskerton
Purress Relations

#3: Catnip


Questionable Catnip and Feline Fiascos: What Every Cat Owner Needs to Know

Catropolis, August 26, 2023 – Bright lights, sirens, and a city on edge: Catropolis is facing an unexpected menace. The city’s beloved felines are caught in the whiskers of a growing epidemic as an influx of dodgy catnip hits the streets.

FLASH: Subpar Catnip Causes Feline Frenzy!

It was once the pleasure of every moggie in town, but catnip is causing more tears than purrs these days. Reports suggest a worrying surge in substandard catnip products – some even laced with unknown and potentially harmful substances. The fallout? Distressed kitties and panicked owners.

“It’s like the wild west out there! Every Tom, Dick, and Whiskers is peddling catnip, and not all of it’s good. We’ve got cats bouncing off walls, and it’s not the fun kind of bouncing either,” says Kitty Galore, a concerned cat mom from downtown Catropolis.

Catropolis vets have been working overtime, and shelters are echoing concerns. The common denominator? Cheap, unchecked catnip from mysterious online sellers and back-alley dealers.


  • The Dark Side of the Nip: A whopping 60% of the sampled products from local markets had contaminants, ranging from regular grass clippings to more nefarious substances.
  • Alarm Bells: A startling 200% rise in emergency vet trips since January 2023! Cats are showing symptoms from mild agitation to full-blown health crises.

“It’s a mess, a real catastrophe! These aren’t the cool cat vibes we’re used to. We need to get a grip on this epidemic before more kitties suffer,” states Boots O’Malley, a local vet who’s seen it all.

What can you do? Be picky! Only trust reputable sources, double-check those labels, and keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. Catropolis may be in a pickle, but with caution and community spirit, we can get our cats purring contentedly once more.

About Catropolis Health Watch:
The pulse of the city’s feline health, Catropolis Health Watch has been monitoring, advising, and meowing out important info since 2005.

Press Paws – For More Info:
Felix “On the Prowl” Meowman

#2: Prison Escape


Genius Feline Minds Outwit Authorities in Daring Midnight Escape

Catropolis, September 5, 2023 – Whisperings are afoot and tails are twitching across Catropolis today as news breaks of an audacious escape from Catropolis Correctional Facility (known to locals as “The Litter Box”).

Claws Out, Whiskers High: Mastermind Moggies Make Their Move!

While most of Catropolis slept, a group of brilliant feline inmates, led by the infamous cat burglar, “Slinky Whiskerton”, clawed their way to freedom. The details remain fuzzy, but early reports hint at an elaborate tunnel system dug out using contraband toys and sharpened claws.

“While I never condone the flouting of the paw of law, one has to admire the sheer genius and tenacity of these feline escape artists,” mused Tails “The Storyteller” McFluff, a noted figure in the alleyways of Catropolis.

Evidence suggests the crafty cats exploited distractions caused by a rogue laser pointer and the nightly moth invasion to cover their covert operations. The alarm was eventually raised by a surprised night guard, who only found a single feather toy left in Slinky’s cell.


  • Preliminary paw prints indicate at least five felines were involved, including the notorious catnip smuggler, “Fuzzy Bandit”.
  • A cryptic message was found scrawled in the sand of Slinky’s litter box: “Nine lives, nine chances. Catch us if you can!”

“This isn’t just about the thrill of the escape; it’s a statement. A testament to the indomitable spirit of feline freedom. But let’s be clear – there’ll be no tuna treats waiting when they’re caught,” stated Officer Mittens Clawsby, Head of Feline Security at the facility.

Residents of Catropolis are urged to report any suspicious purring, shadowy figures on garden fences, or unexpected gifts of birds and mice. The authorities have also released a series of wanted posters, featuring the escapees and their notorious antics.

About Catropolis Correctional Facility:
Established in 1989, “The Litter Box” has been a center for the reformation and rehabilitation of wayward kitties, ensuring peace and order in the alleys of Catropolis.

For press inquiries and more meow-sings:
Mittens Clawsby
Head of Feline Security

#1: Cat Politics


Making Catropolis Purrfect Again!

Catropolis, June 16, 2023 – Today, from the grand balcony of the luxurious Furball Tower, amidst a sea of waving tails and enthusiastic purrs, Whiskers “The Bold” announced their bid to run for the Presidency of Catropolis.

Whiskers, a renowned business cat with an empire spanning the most luxurious yarn balls, top-of-the-line scratching posts, and premium catnip dispensaries, stepped forward, whiskers twitching with determination. With a clear vision and confidence, Whiskers promises to bring unparalleled prosperity and flair to every alley and windowsill of Catropolis.

“Our great city of Catropolis used to be the envy of all. But now? Mice run rampant, and inferior catnip floods our markets. I will bring back the golden age of Catropolis. We will have the finest sun spots and the most luxurious litter boxes. It’s time to make Catropolis purrfect again!” proclaimed Whiskers.

Whiskers “The Bold” emphasized their track record of building and sustaining successful enterprises, from the grand Furball Resorts to the sprawling Catnip Meadows, arguing that this experience is what Catropolis desperately needs in these trying times.


  • Economic Prowess: A commitment to reinvigorate the local feline economy, ensuring every kitty gets their fair share of the cream.
  • Security: A vow to establish a foolproof system keeping sneaky dogs and pesky birds at bay, preserving the serenity and sovereignty of Catropolis.
  • Health and Wellness: An ambitious plan to ensure fresh milk fountains on every corner and mandatory afternoon nap hours to enhance the general well-being of every citizen of Catropolis.

“I’m not just any cat. I’ve groomed businesses, caught the craftiest mice, and now, I promise to lead Catropolis to a future filled with sunny spots and endless treats. It’s time for real leadership. It’s time for action!” roared Whiskers.

The energy at Furball Tower was palpable, with many already sporting their “Make Catropolis Purrfect Again” collars, signaling the beginning of what promises to be a campaign season like no other.

About Whiskers “The Bold”:
A self-made mogul, Whiskers is a feline of great ambition and determination. With a legacy of successful ventures and an unmatched understanding of the Catropolis landscape, they represent a beacon of hope for many.

For purrs, questions, and more:
Missy Meowington
Whisker for President

The Purr-fect PR Approach

Who knew the world of press releases could be so…hairy?

There’s a captivating charm, a certain je ne sais “claw”, that our feline friends bring to the table. Their antics, ranging from supreme indifference to mischievous play, often leave us spellbound and, truth be told, a little envious of their audacity.

While we might not be exchanging our seasoned PR pros for Mr. Whiskers anytime soon (because let’s face it, his calendar is fully booked with “knocking things off shelves” appointments), there’s an undeniable allure to imagining a world dominated by feline-fronted headlines.

The Power of Cat-titude in Communication

Next time you find yourself wrestling with the tone of a corporate email or press release, pause for a moment. Ask yourself, “What would my cat do?” Well, aside from probably walking across your keyboard. It’s refreshing to envision a world where our news is dictated by the sass and spunk of cats.

In Whiskers We Trust

So, as you navigate the intricacies of modern communication, never forget the simple truth: everything’s a little better with a touch of cat-titude. Or at least that’s what your cat believes. And between us, when it comes to matters of opinion, isn’t theirs the one we secretly hold in the highest regard?

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