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So your brand’s got news and you’d love to get some attention. You’d love to get news outlets, industry magazines and blogs covering your story… 

But Let’s Get Real: Doing a cheap press release in 2023 is whispering your news at a rock concert… and an expensive PR is like shouting at the concert. Not much more effective. 

Normal press releases get buried in the sea of online noise offer zilch for your website’s SEO, and often just a big fat negative ROI. Don’t throw your hard-earned cash into the PR dumpsterfire

And if you’re thinking, “But it might get picked up by some newspaper or local news station” —and maybe, but traditional news and TV consumption in the US is on a rapid decline, and you’re missing out on a majority of people that spend more attention to online independent news sources and social media influencers. 

Here's the deal:

Traditional media still has a role… when you spice it up with some kickass, modern viral PR marketing moves that’ll make your news pop on independent news outlets, blogs, social feeds, and even in that subreddit all your customers look for answers and the cure for boredom. 

Think of it as your news getting the VIP treatment—red carpet, paparazzi, the whole nine yards.

How about that for getting your news the attention it deserves?

Say Hello to my little friend.... ViralTactic

ViralTactic is your Swiss Army knife for spreading the word, mixing old-school and new-school methods to make sure your message lands exactly where your audience lives—both online and offline.

ViralPress Blitz

You see, the classic press release isn’t dead; it’s just lonely. We jazz it up with a cocktail of hyper-targeted syndication and razor-sharp media pitches, so you’re not just talking to the room—you’re talking to the right people in the room.

Ever heard of bloggers?

Doesn’t matter, because they’ll hear of you (double wink) and write all about you on their blog. We find & persuade relevant industry bloggers to write & publish unique articles about your brand and/or news to their niche audience, getting you more attention, traffic, trust, and revenue.

Sus? No sir. We’re not talking about low-quality guest posts or PBNs (for the SEO nerds). We’re talking real blogs, with tens of thousands to millions of real readers and subscribers, that drives real traffic instantly & long-term, with real SEO benefits, and extremely real cold-hard results. 

You may be asking yourself “I don’t fucking believe it! There can’t be more stuff can there?”, and to that we say “Believe it motherfucker.”

Unleash the power of social!

Viral Social Influencers

and by social, we mean popular and relevant social media influencers to shout your news from their digital platforms.

We’re talking X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and even Quora. 


We basically research and reach out to 100s of  influential users on social media that have at least 10,000+ real followers and an average post engagement rate of 500+ per post. We do this until we find a couple to a dozen influencers that will share your news story with their followers, and BAM. You suddenly have 12 influencers with millions of followers combined, sharing your story and getting 100s to 10,000s of engagements. 

All these digital town squares where your audience has their eyes glued for hours every day, and suddenly, POP! Your news is on their feed from a trusted influencer they follow. 

Press Release < Viral Press Blitz

Modern problems require modern solutions. 

Say no to outdated press releases that use 1990’s era tactics.

We’re 30 years beyond that.

So say YES to 2030’s level marketing & PR tactics to reach your audience and break through the noise in 2023!

With our approach, you can see up to 10x better results than you’d get with a run-of-the-mill press release without breaking a sweat.

That’s more eyes, clicks, and—let’s get to the point—more customers, all from one kickass modern PR campaign.

Friends with Benefits? YOU BET!

  1. Broadened Horizons: With independent journalists, bloggers and influencers in our arsenal, your reach goes far beyond your traditional pr distribution. 
  2. More Media Love: Your news won’t just top the charts; it’ll top Google News. 
  3. SEO Magic: More organic keywords mean more people find you without even trying.
  4. Trust Points: Earn credibility the easy way.
  5. Diverse Audiences: Reach folks you never knew were interested.
  6. Boosted Engagement: Your social media likes and shares will soar.
  7. Synergy: Multi-channel magic amplifies your message’s impact.
  8. Viral Potential: Get your news the chance to become internet famous.

And remember, this isn’t just better—it’s 10x better than what you’d get with PRWeb, Newswire, eReleases, or other traditional press release distribution services. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s make your news the talk of the town—and the internet.


Every day at the top counts. With ViralTactic, leave competitors in the dust. #1 Next-Gen PR & Content Marketing.

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