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Tired of your blog looking like every other cookie-cutter piece of internet trash? We’re here to inject some adrenaline. Welcome to ViralTactic Blogging, where bland turns badass.

Yet Another Blogging Service... or is it?

Our client stories and viral news campaigns outshine traditional press release routes by up to 500%. We don’t just speak louder; we make sure you’re heard.

Strategic Planning,
Decisive Strikes

Our content planning isn’t mere ambition; it’s strategic dominance. Aiming beyond the stars, we guarantee swift victories while boosting your ROI. It’s precision-targeted content for prime wins and maximum gains.

Borning Be Gone

Old school blogging is dead. Let’s breathe some fire into yours. Our content isn’t just another article; it’s a revolution waiting to explode. 

Unique, creative and out of this world. 

Tactical Content,
Made To Rank #1

Want to dominate the top ranks on Google for all that organic traffic? Our content is more than just sexy; it’s a lethal weapon tactically optimized for Google domination. 

Beyond Just Words

Who said blogs are just text? Dive into a realm of mind-blowing images, scorching videos, and audio so captivating it’s almost illegal.

Monthly Content

We don’t just create and abandon. Your content gets monthly pampering – analyzing, tweaking, and pumping it up for maximum chaos.


1. Tailored Strategy

We draft an amazing content strategy, catering to your unique needs and ensuring that your blog resonates with your target audience.

2. Creation & Annihilation

Weekly sizzling content that doesn’t just engage, it enraptures, kicking your competitors off their precious Google throne. 

3. Conversion Overhaul

Monthly content recon and ruthless optimization to ensure your blog remains the alpha.


🔥 Ready to Ignite Your Blog?


Viral Detonations



Plan Includes

Research, Writing, and Distribution of 1 news article to 300+ sites & 1+ influencers.


Rebellion Bombardment



Plan Includes

3 Articles, 3x more media outreach, and promotion from & 3+ influencers


Total Uprising!



Plan Includes

10x Everything, for brands serious about branding & spreading their news

Press Release

Standard PR Article + Mass Distribution
  • We write & publish 1 news article
  • 250+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Published in Google News
  • Full Report with live links
  • "As seen on" website Trust Badge
  • Published within 5 days
  • 600 Word Article Included
  • Unlmited Revisions

🚀 ViralPress

Press Release + Viral Blog & Influencer Boost
  • Everything in Press Releases, plus
  • Up to 12 Unique Articles Guaranteed
  • 500+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • 100 Direct To Journalist Outreach
  • 1,000+ Outreach to bloggers & influencers
  • Mass Promotion on Social Media (10m+ reach)
  • Published within 14 days
  • Up to 10x Greater Reach

Bulk Order & Save

Buy multiple orders at once and enjoy the flexibility to kickstart them anytime you want. Our special offers are designed to help you save more when you buy more.

15% discount for 5 orders
20% discount for 10 orders
25% discount for 20 orders
30% discount for 30 orders

Getting started is easy. Reach out to us for a bulk order and we’ll provide a secure payment link. Once you’ve made the payment, our dedicated team will take care of setting up all your orders. The best part? You decide when to have your orders written and published according to your needs. It’s saving, convenience, and control all in one!


Want to promote multiple websites? Collapse

Rule or Be Ruled

Watch as each article ravages the rankings, instigating an organic rebellion of leads, sign-ups, and revenue. Forge your digital empire with ViralTactic.

ViralPress Frequently Asked Questions

Why go ViralTactic and not play it safe?

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How explosive is your content?

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What's the secret to your Google dominance?

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Can I suggest topics or themes?

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How does the optimization process work?

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What's the real difference between Viral and Tactical?

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Turn that snooze-fest of a blog into a viral wildfire. Ready to dominate?


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