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Rep on Fire?🔥Drown It Out 💦 with ViralTactic.

Bombarded with unwarranted negative attention? Relax, we got your six. In just 45-days, we’ll polish your online image brighter than a diamond.

Revive, Thrive, and Strive

Everyone Trips, but you do it with Style & Swagger

No more lurking shadows from past mistakes. Your brand’s narrative is reconstructed and redefined to resonate with authenticity and positivity.

We’re not just rewriting your story — we’re dropping the mic on it. 

Strategic Content, Prime Placement:

Bad press is like last season’s fashion – nobody needs to see that. We get your revamped glow-up story on the A-list sites, pushing the old news down where it belongs.

Outta sight, outta mind.

Influencer Amplification, Reputation Salvation:

Harness the energy of the influencers everyone’s vibing with. From YouTube celebs to Twitter moguls, we get the cool crew to back your brand.

Reddit, Quora, Forums...
We Got That Too:

We’re talking real, organic convos where it matters, ranking on Google where everyone can see. A bad rap doesn’t stand a chance when the narrative is this lit.

Global Conversation,
Organic Elevation

Make your brand a hot topic of discussion now and long-term with news promotion campaigns across Reddit, forums and other relevant online communities. 

How It Works

1. Get VIP Treatment

1. Get VIP Treatment

Slide into our DMs for a free chat with our pros. We'll map out a plan that's as custom-tailored as your suits.
Direction Arrows
2. Content Glow-Up

2. Content Glow-Up

Out with the trash talk, in with the charisma. We craft, you approve. Simple.
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3. Publishing with Swagger

3. Publishing with Swagger

Buh-bye, negative vibes. Your awesome stories hits the premier spots, complete with the SEO juice and influencer clout.



For SEO Experts and Skilled Writers
$ 1000 /mo
  • Reputation makeover
  • Kickin' the trash talk down the list.
  • Spotlighting your best
  • Premium Placement on Big Sites
  • 1-Year or less guarenteed

🚀 Hussle

For businesses and eCommerce
$5000 monthly
  • Everything in Fresh, plus
  • Nixing negativety 5x faster
  • Your story on the best sites
  • More Influencer Collabs.
  • First-page Google vibes, always.
  • 6 month or less guarenteed

🔥 Beast

For businesses and eCommerce
  • Double Everything in Fresh.
  • Full-throttle. No brakes.
  • Mega influencer collabs.
  • Counter Active bad PR campaigns
  • Zero to hero, faster than you
    can say “IPO”.
  • 100 days or less guarenteed


Boss moves only. 

Elevate your brand’s digital reputation with a strategic, comprehensive approach that brings lasting, tangible results that reflect the leader you are and the brand you’ve built.

ViralTactic offers expansive Branding, PR, Viral Marketing, Buzz Campaigns, Influencer Promotions, and Content Amplification services, designed to give your brand unprecedented reach, exposure & control.

ViralTactic is a top-tier viral marketing distribution service that offers comprehensive solutions to create, fine-tune, and amplify content, then deploy and gauge its impact. Leveraging the most extensive multi-channel, multi-cultural content amplification and engagement networks, coupled with detailed workflow tools and platforms, ViralTactic caters to thousands of satisfied clients from branches spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Disclaimer: VIRALTACTIC is a viral marketing distribution platform. Content disseminated by ViralTactic is the sole legal responsibility of its author, and ViralTactic assumes no liability for the nature or accuracy of such material. ViralTactic shares content for informational intent and does not make claims regarding, recommend or suggest participation in, any form of financial or investment venture, and does not validate the content of any distributed material.


ViralTactic vs old-school PR/Branding – What’s the diff?

You betcha we can. We can get you featured on Forbes  Website, Magazine, and any country-specific Forbes, like Forbes UK, Forbes India, Forbes Africa, etc. 

We can do full front-page features to smaller features or brand mentions / quotes. 

Real-talk: How quick is the turnaround?

Any story that meets the editorial guidelines is acceptable. If your story doesn’t meet the guidelines, our editorial team will work with you to fix it. 

Bad reviews ruining my vibe – You got that?

Yes, ViralTactic allows you to schedule the distribution of your story for a specific date and time. This ensures your news reaches the right audience at the right time. 

How do you handle persistently negative press?

Pricing with ViralTactic varies depending on the package you choose; Forbes features start at $1,500 and up.

We offer different plans to suit various needs and budgets. For detailed pricing information, please visit our pricing page. 

How are influencers chosen for my brand?

Usually 7 – 14 days from ordering. 

Can I collaborate on the content creation process?
100%. We craft content based on your goals and objective, and we run them by you before any of them get published.
What's the strategy if negative press re-emerges?

We accept all major credit cards, debit/ATM cards, PayPal and Coinbase. 

Google’s first page: How do we stay there?
Accordion Content
Why should I go with ViralTactic?
Accordion Content

Every day at the top counts. With ViralTactic, leave competitors in the dust. #1 Next-Gen PR & Content Marketing.

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