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The Inside Story of ViralTactic’s Highly Successful Private Affiliate Program Pilot

When it comes to marketing, sometimes the proof is in the pudding—or in our case, the pilot. ViralTactic, your trusted name in PR, Branding & Viral Content Marketing, recently concluded a private affiliate program pilot with astonishing success. In today’s post, we’re pulling back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how it all unfolded and what that means for the future.

A Selective Start

ViralTactic’s affiliate program didn’t start as a free-for-all. Instead, we carefully handpicked a group of 26 active affiliates to participate in an invite-only pilot program. The diversity of this group allowed us to gauge how well our program would perform across different sectors and specialties, from influencers to agencies and beyond.

Unbeatable Numbers

The numbers speak for themselves. Our top affiliate in the pilot program earned nearly $4,000 in just the month of September. And they did this through organic promotion—no ad budget, just good old social media networking and one-on-one consultations. With this kind of success right out of the gate, it’s clear that our affiliate program offers real income potential.

Tailored for eCommerce

One standout feature of our pilot was the exceptionally high conversion rates our affiliates achieved when targeting eCommerce businesses. Whether it was Amazon Sellers or Shopify store owners, some affiliates reported conversion rates of up to 24%. This is an incredibly promising indicator for anyone in the eCommerce space looking to join our now-public affiliate program.

Payouts Your Way

Our affiliates appreciated the flexibility in the payout options. Whether it’s PayPal, bank transfer via Wise, or even Bitcoin, we made it easy for our affiliates to get their earnings in the most convenient way. Monthly payouts mean a steady stream of income you can count on.

Now Open to the Public

Encouraged by the resounding success of our private pilot, we’re excited to announce that ViralTactic’s affiliate program is now open to the public. With a lifetime commission of 15% on all referred orders and a special limited-time offer of 25% commission for first-time referrals in 2023, the opportunity has never been better.

The Next Chapter

We can’t wait to see what new heights our public affiliate program will reach. With plans starting at $97 and an average order value of $880, the sky’s the limit for our affiliates. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, now is the perfect time to get involved. Head over to ViralTactic.com/Affiliate to sign up today.

We’re thrilled with how our private affiliate program pilot turned out, and we’re excited to see what you can achieve as part of our growing affiliate community.

Ready to amplify your earnings? Join ViralTactic’s affiliate program today. We look forward to achieving great things together!

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