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HeardThat is Changing the Game: Best AI Product – Health at CogX 2023!

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 19, 2023 – Remember that time you couldn’t hear your friend’s latest gossip over the din of your fave brunch spot? 🍳🥂 Singular Hearing’s innovative app, HeardThat, has your back. It just snagged the Best AI Product in the Health category at the CogX Awards 2023, proving it’s the must-have tool for our generation’s all-too-real hearing challenges in noisy spaces.

Breaking it down: HeardThat separates speech from noise, thanks to some genius deep-learning algorithms. This isn’t just about hearing clearer – it’s about re-connecting. Struggling to hear can make you avoid those noisy (but fun!) social settings. And let’s be real: FOMO is the worst.

But it’s even deeper than that. Did you know there’s a connection between hearing loss and feeling lonely? In the long run, social isolation can lead to some pretty serious health concerns, according to the CDC.

Bruce Sharpe, the brains behind HeardThat, shares: “This isn’t just tech – it’s a movement. We’re giving people the chance to dive back into conversations, feel included, and thrive in every bustling environment.”

The CogX Awards judging panel added: “Singular Hearing is revolutionizing the way we engage in conversations. By turning your regular smartphone into a hearing superhero, HeardThat ensures crystal-clear convos anywhere – it’s a game-changer!”

For more deets on this game-changing app, head to heardthat.ai.

About Singular Hearing: Here’s the tea: Singular Hearing, under the Singular Software umbrella, was birthed by CEO Bruce Sharpe and a squad of AI gurus. They’re all about innovating daily life solutions with a sprinkle of tech magic. Enter HeardThat, the revolutionary app turning smartphones into ultra-modern hearing aids. If you’ve been craving clarity in noisy spots, this app’s your new BFF.📱✨

Want more accolades? Besides the CogX win, HeardThat has been grabbing attention left and right, including a nod from the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge and AARP Innovation Labs. Dive deeper at heardthat.ai.

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