Case Studies

These viral results are so sick, they’re straight-up contagious.
Props to our clients below for letting us flex their stats. All sensitive info is under wraps, but these gains are 100% real.

🚀 600% Organic Traffic & 300% keywords Surge

We are not playing around. This client's SaaS startup got a total reboot with tactical viral content, viral press releases, and dozens of front-page stories & blog features. The result? A 594% organic traffic leap in less than 6 months.

🌡️ 2500% Traffic Fever & 740% Keyword Fever 🌡️​

Healthcare isn't usually this hot, but we cranked up the heat. With hundreds of articles flipped into high-voltage viral content and a few precision-targeted press releases, this site's now a top-performing player with a 2508% organic traffic increase.

💸 2200% Traffic Jackpot & 475% Keyword Treasure

In the financial industry, the stakes are high, but so are the gains. Within 15 months of optimized content & viralPR's, this client is basically printing their own money, marking a 2200% traffic spike. It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

🎯 +204% organic traffic & +190% in organic keywords

HR’s never looked so rock 'n' roll. With a year's grind, we swapped out stale content for pure gold. The result? Google’s in love, and the stats are climbing every. single. week.

📈 800% Organic Traffic Wave & 200% Keyword Splash 📈​

Thousands of blog posts but no juice? We turned that around in months. Now, our blogs are driving the traffic train, pumping it up by nearly 800%.

🌱 820% Traffic Sprout & 2400% Keyword Harvest 🌱

An oldie but goldie, this 3-year eCommerce client was looking to break free from the social media trap. The magic formula? One word: viral content. It turned their humble blog into a 7,000 visitors-per-day powerhouse.

🏢 420% Organic Traffic Spike & 600% Boost in Organic Keywords 🏢​

First Fortune 500 client? Nailed it. Long-form posts? Cranked 'em out. The result? A skyscraping 422% traffic boost with tens of thousands new daily visitors. Our pen is mightier than your marketing budget.

⚙️ 1900% Organic boost & 1660% increase in organic keywords ⚙️

Old, decrepit content—gone. New, blazing-fast UX and elite-level content—installed. What happened next? A jaw-dropping 1899% increase in traffic. Yeah, we did that.

🔝 760% Organic Traffic Peak & 2100% Keyword Summit 🔝

Had the perfect domain, but rankings were in the pits. Solution? Purge the junk, pump in the gems. Now, they're not just climbing—they're at the summit with a 760% traffic gain.

🛒 7500% Traffic Tsunami & 1800% Keyword Flood 🛒

Think a young eCommerce site can't get eyeballs? Think again. A ViralTactic PR & Content-only strategy catapulted this startup store into a viral storm, blowing up traffic and sales at a ludicrous 7500% increase. Swipe right for epic gains.

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