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🔥 Welcome to ViralTactic: Not Your Typical Suit-and-Tie Affair 🔥

Say hello to ViralTactic. 

Never heard of us?


Well… here’s the short version:

We are ViralTactic, a disruptive marketing and PR firm founded in 2015 specializing in viral press releases, tactical content marketing, influencer marketing, and branding. We promise to make your brand not just visible, but unforgettable, with their proven strategies for massive digital engagement. We challenge you to ditch traditional marketing methods and join us in making a bigger impact and disrupting your competitor’s success and rein at the top. 

Too short? Here’s the full version:

Who Are We, You Ask?

First things first, mate! We’re not just any name in the biz. While those buttoned-up bores are busy copy-pasting their strategies, we’re out here creating a ruckus.

If you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings behind those viral sensations?

Well, surprise, surprise! 🎉

Why ViralTactic?

Simple. We’re the golden trio of Viral Press Releases, Viral Content, Influencer Marketing, and (wait for it) Branding & Reputation Management….

Imagine this:
While everyone’s trying to “make a splash”, we’re here, orchestrating tsunamis.

Too dramatic?


Meet The Brain Behind The Magic

Enter German Calas.

The wizard who, over a mere span of 5 years, took the reins and galloped ahead, creating the largest social media marketing show the world had seen from 2013 to 2018.

With 360,000 successful social media growth campaigns that drove over 900 million followers, a jaw-dropping 3.2 billion views, and a casual 1.8 billion engagements to over a 250,000 brands, the numbers speak louder than we ever could.

And guess what?

He’s the driving force behind ViralTactic.

Why Should You Even Bother?

Remember when we said we’re from Vanuatu & Bahamas?


Well, we’re not just flexing our beach bods over here…


Our location, combined with German’s 17 years of experience, makes us the juggernaut you never saw coming. 

Ready to trade in that old clunker marketing & PR strategy of yours for a Starship-level upgrade? 

Still Skeptical?

Alright, wise guy. Think about this:
Do you want to be just another whisper in a roaring market,
or are you ready to be the roar?

If you’re looking for the mundane, sorry, that ship has sailed.

But if you’re hunting for extraordinary… 

the treasure map leads right to us.

ViralTactic Is The Way

In the grand scheme of the internet,
ViralTactic isn’t just a seat-filler…

We’re the headliner, the showstopper, the main act.

So, the ball’s in your court.

Are you ready to redefine your story?

Why ViralTactic?

Because Mainstream Is So Last Season!

While others tread the beaten path, we forge our own trail.
We’re not here to fit in; we're here to stand out.

Viral Press Releases

Turn the global spotlight on you. With us, it's not just news—it’s a viral sensation.

Viral Content

When we say "viral", we mean pandemic-level infectious! Your content won't just be seen, it'll be unforgettable.


Your name isn’t just a name with us—it’s an ever-glowing brand. We make sure the world sees you shining bright.

Viral Tactics

From 1 Billion Followers to 3.2 Billion Views, under the mastery of our CEO, we’ve done it all. This isn’t just a number game – it’s a testament to our flair.

Tired of Playing Hide and Seek Online?

Boosts Your Digital Presence!

Your digital footprint isn’t just a mark; it's a massive crater with us. Dive deep into unmatched digital prowess.

Tired of the Digital Hamster Wheel? Time for the Fast Lane.

Upgrade Your Strategy

With 17 years of German's expertise — our methods aren’t just strategies—they’re revolutions. Ready for a Lamborghini-level upgrade?


Stand out in the crowd. With ViralTactic, it's not about blending in, but standing out.


Numbers don't lie. Especially when they're as dazzling as 1.8 Billion Engagements.

Real Time

Instant results, timeless impressions. That’s the ViralTactic promise.

Our Services,
At A Glance

Pushing boundaries and redefining the extraordinary. That's what we are all about. Want more? Let’s have a chat!

Our Specialists

Meet The Masterminds

Our All-Star Line-Up

German Calas

Viral Marketing GOAT Founder & CEO

London Smith

Content Marketing King

Amber Dupont

Public Relations Goddess CPO

Chris Pratt

(no, not that chris)


Every day at the top counts. With ViralTactic, leave competitors in the dust. #1 Next-Gen PR & Content Marketing.


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