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ViralTactic’s Press Release Distribution Service for gets your brand’s press releases and news stories published on up to 500+ news sites & industry publishers, with optional front-page coverage on 1 to 12 news sites guaranteed or your money back! 

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Struggling to stand out in a crowded market?


1. Place Your Order

Place your order and give us some basic details to give our journalists the scoop on what you’re looking for.

2. We Work For You

Our team of rocket engineers will whip up some amazing content for you within 24 hours. Unlimited revisions included.

3. Guaranteed Results

We’ll send your news straight to the best newswires and pitch your story to publishers & journalists until your news stories are published.


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Boost your brand’s online reach, visibility, credibility and new customers

Be Seen & Heard with Guaranteed Coverage

Fed up with throwing money away on PR that gets you nowhere? We guarantee results that matter.

Guaranteed Coverage, Maximum Visibility

While others hope for the best, ViralTactic guarantees the best. With our press release service, your news story is not just another headline  —it’s THE headline.

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Struggling to climb Google’s rankings? Skyrocket your SEO with our guaranteed premium news coverage from top authority websites. 

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Tired of low quality traffic? Each front-page story and tactically placed publications act as a landing pages to warm up buyers to your brand and offer before clicking through to your site.  

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Boost your brands image and credibility? Become the headliner and receive a boost in your brand’s credibility and trust that feels like you surfed right into a new dimension. 

What People Say About Us

We serve all businesses, but we serve most to startups, eCommerce/Amazon, SaaS, affiliates, franchises, local businesses, agencies, and acquisitions. 

Get Published on Trusted Sites

Why settle for anything less when you can be on top-tier platforms like The USA Today, NYPost, Business Insider and Forbes?



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All-in-One Press Release Writing & Distribution Plans.
Guaranteed Coverage. One-time Payment. No BS. 



You write; we publish.
$99 $ 69
  • We publish your news story
  • 200+ Publications Guaranteed
  • Full Report with live links
  • Published in 1 - 2 days
  • Upload your own PR article
    ( See Writing Guidelines )


We write & publish
$299 $ 267
  • 333+ Publications Guaranteed
  • Manual Journalist Outreach
  • Optional Front-Page Coverage
  • 800-word news article included
  • Full Report with live links
  • Published within 4~7 days
  • Unlimited Revisions


Small biz, sites & creators
$ 179
  • We write & publish your news story
  • 200+ Publications Guaranteed
  • 5 Target Newswire Distribution
  • Optional Front-Page Coverage
  • AP, Digital Journal, Fox, Local
  • 500-word article included
  • Full Report with live links
  • Free Tailored PR Strategy
  • 'As Seen On' Trust Badge
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Business & Brands
$ 297
  • We write & publish your news story
  • 333+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • 1,000+ Journalist/Publisher Outreach
  • Optional Front-Page Coverage
  • Yahoo News, Benzinga, NewsMax
  • 1000-word article included
  • Full Report with live links
  • Free Tailored PR Strategy
  • Free 'As Seen On' Trust Badges
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Hardcore / Big Business
$ 997
  • We write & publish your press release
  • 500 News Publications Guaranteed
  • 5,000+ Journalist/Publisher Outreach
  • Front-Page Coverage Guaranteed
  • USA Today, NewsMax, AP, Business Insider
  • 1,000-word article included
  • 5+ Unique News Stories
  • Free Tailored PR Strategy
  • Free 'As Seen On' Trust Badges
  • Full Report with live links
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Standard PR Distribution
$99 $ 69
  • We publish your press release
  • 100+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Reach 1+ Million Monthly Readers
  • Google News, AP, Fox, Local News
  • Full Report with all live links
  • Published within 48 hours
  • Upload your own PR article
    ( See Writing Guidelines )


Professional PR Distribution
$349 $ 197
  • We publish your press release
  • 333+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • Reach 10+ Million Monthly Readers
  • Google News, AP, Fox, Local News
  • NewsMax, Benzinga, Digital Journal etc.
  • Targeted Industry Publishers
  • Published within 24~48 days
  • Upload your own PR article
    ( See Writing Guidelines )


Premium PR Distribution
$997 $ 896
  • We publish your press release
  • 1+ Front-Page Stories Secured
  • 500+ News Publications Guaranteed
  • 100+ Million Monthly Readers
  • USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg
  • NewsMax, Benzinga, Digital Journal etc.
  • Google News, AP, Fox, Local News
  • Targeted Industry Publishers
  • Published within 48 hours
  • Upload your own PR article
    ( See Writing Guidelines )

Bulk Order & Save

Buy multiple orders at once and enjoy the flexibility to kickstart them anytime you want. Our special offers are designed to help you save more when you buy more.

15% discount for 5 orders
20% discount for 10 orders
25% discount for 20 orders
30% discount for 30 orders

Getting started is easy. Reach out to us for a bulk order and we’ll provide a secure payment link. Once you’ve made the payment, our dedicated team will take care of setting up all your orders. The best part? You decide when to have your orders written and published according to your needs. It’s saving, convenience, and control all in one!


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Money Back Guarantee

Your news stories will be published on at least 200+ news sites and secure front-page coverage*, or we’ll give you your money back — and make it super easy & hassle-free**!

* If selected or included with your plan.

**Unlike other companies that make it super hard or impossible to ask/request a refund (even if they claim it) or hide bad stuff in little print so you miss it… (waves fist to the sky) we do the opposite — good news in small print. And by making requesting a refund this easy, we hope to make it easier for you to give us a shot with trust & confidence that it’s really risk-free and hassle-free.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Why use ViralTactic to distribute my press releases?

With ViralTactuc, your story doesn’t just stay limited to a few platforms or worst, get lost in an endless feed of press releases. It’s syndicated to a vast network, pitched to hundreds of journalists & bloggers, and promoted by popular influencers  ensuring that it actually gets seen and potentially go viral. 

How long does the service take?

We can publish an approved press release within 6 hours during business hours. 

Writing Services usually take 24 to 72 hours. 

ViralTactic PR Pro Plans (Starter, Pro and Premium) usually take 3 to 7 days, based on your needs.

How long will the article be live?

Guaranteed Featured Articles & Blog Posts are permanent and guaranteed for life! 

However, certain  (10% or less) of news sites that publish your story may remove old content after 6 to 24 months (that’s their policy nor ours). 

Will all backlinks be do-follow?

Most of the larger news sites tend to publish no-follow links, while guaranteed publications and smaller news & blog sites are more likely to provide do-follow links.

We do get lots of clients who initially are concerned about nofollow links. But after seeing how these links still positively affect their search position, they are usually happy to continue ordering monthly. In most cases, our clients notice a boost within the first month of receiving their report.

Can I promote affiliate products?

Yes, you can promote affiliate links. We cannot include direct affiliate links within the article itself, so you should have a landing page containing your affiliate link.

Will I get more website visitors?

Absolutely! Expect a traffic tsunami. 🌊🚀

What topics or businesses are not allowed?

We can accept almost all niches except for:

  • Adult Content – Anything that contains adult content, products, or services.
  • Gambling – Anything related to gambling or betting money.
  • Government – Anything about government departments, staff, politics, or politicians.
  • Negative Press – Anything negative about a person, website, or company.
  • Third Parties – Anything that mentions third-party businesses or people.
  • Weapons – Anything that weapons or ammunition.

Niches only accepted on our Alternative News Network:

  • Acquisitions / Mergers / Partnerships / Sponsorship
  • Aesthetic Surgeries
  • Alcohol
  • Alternative Medicine / Metaphysical
    (Psychics, Tarot Cards, Healing Crystals, etc)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Dating
  • Financial Trading (Forex, Options, Binary, etc)
  • Scam & Fraud Recovery Services
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Legal Cases
  • Legal Marijuana / CBD
  • Music with Explicit Content Labels
  • Pharmacy / Legal Drugs
  • Religion
  • Selling Social Media Interactions
  • Supplements
  • Swimwear / Underwear / Leggings

Niches not listed above are always accepted.

Money Back Guarantee: If we cannot publish an article about your business, we will offer you a full refund.


What do you need to write the article?

We only need 3 things to start writing your article:

  • A newsworthy topic 
  • A link to your website
  • Your business contact details

We also accept images, quotes and can even embed YouTube videos within the article.

What should my press release be about?

Your article can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about your features and benefits.

It can be any newsworthy topic, such as a new product or service you just launched.

If you need help, just please an order and one of our experts will help you choose the best news story for your objective. 

What are your viralpress article guidelines if I write it myself?

If you choose to write your own article or have an existing article, please follow our writing guidelines.

Can I edit an article after it's published?

No, once an article is live, we cannot edit it. So it’s essential that you carefully review the article we send you and that you only provide us with articles that are ready to publish.

Do you use AI tools like ChatGPT to write articles?

No, our dedicated writers craft each article without assistance from artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT. Our business policy strictly prohibits us from using any AI software for writing articles, and our writers firmly follow this guideline.

That said, we use Grammarly to enhance the grammar and readability of our articles. The purpose of this tool is not to generate content but to provide a proofreading layer, ensuring that our writing maintains a high standard of quality and consistency. Unfortunately, Grammarly has been known to trigger AI detection systems.


Will my article be published on the main sties of Fox, USA Today, etc?

Yes, if you choose a Premium Front-page Coverage option, your new story will be published on the front page of at least 1 major news site like USA Today, NY Post, Forbes, Entreprenuer, etc.

For standard press releases, major news site placement is not guaranteed. But you will still be published to local affiliates of major news sites including FOX 40 and FOX 34, the official sites for the local TV stations, and other influential industry news sites & blogs that collectively get over 200 million visitors per month.

Can I check the article before its published?

Yes, once our expert writers have completed your article, we send it to you for review. You can request as many revisions as you’d like until it’s just right.

Can I check the article before its published?

Yes, once our expert writers have completed your article, we send it to you for review. You can request as many revisions as you’d like until it’s just right.

WIll my published articles be labeled as "sponsored content"?

News sites such as Digital Journal, Benzinga, and AZ Central do not show any “sponsored content” or “advertisement” labels, making them excellent for sharing and use during social media verification.

Other sites like Market Watch and Fox include a notice that a third party wrote the publication, and some news sites may add a subtle “sponsored content” or “advertisement” label if required by local law.


Turn your boring press release into a viral news story that gets up to 10x more exposure across all channels & get real lasting results


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