Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Thai Mobile Ad “Technology will Never Replace Love”

Creating an ad based on love for your child should be an absolute slam dunk, home run in the bottom of the ninth success. This Thai mobile ad, however, is proving to have stirred up some controversy around parenting stereotypes. For those that simply watch this latet tear-jerker Thai mobile ad for what it is, it has stirred up the exact positive emotions which it meant to evoke.

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Thai Mobile Ad “Technology Will Never Replace Love”

This as was put together by the Thai mobile company Dtac, a prominent mobile network provider in Thailand. The video features prominently on their homepage as a pop-up video, and also has a place on YouTube:

The video starts off with a terrified father calling up his wife (or girlfriend…why assume?) as their baby cries. He then calls her on his Dtac branded phone for help. They exhaust the digital possibilities, playing peekaboo, showing the baby a cartoon, before the father realizes what he should actually do – put down the phone and pick up his child.

The ad then cuts to the tagline for the ad itself:

“Technology will never replace love.”

It’s poignant, and more than a few eyes have glassed over as the video plays.

Other aspects of the Thai mobile ad by Dtac viral ad campaign

The ad is more popular in Thailand than North America, but people are taking notice on Twitter as they share the subtitled version. There is no official hashtag associated with the video that I can find in English as the official Dtac Twitter account is all in Thai. The video could have done with one of our Twitter marketing promotions, but a search for Dtac ad will turn up quite a few English results though: 

The YouTube section of the video also seems to be stirring up comments amongst people of all languages. The overall sentiment is positive as people appreciation the moment presented, many of them had been through it themselves!

Problems with the Thai Mobile ad by Dtac viral ad campaign

thai mobile ad dtacThis may very well be an issue of language barriers, but the lack of any official hashtag is hampering how well the message is spreading. Perhaps there is one in Thai, but I do not speak the language.

There has also been some unrest amongst those who believe that this shows yet another example of father’s being portrayed as incompetent in the media. This was discussed in another viral marketing campaign of the week article in an ad by Dove’s #Real Dad Moments.

There is a case to be made by people who view it this way, but at the end of the day many people have been in this exact situation over the years and have called their partner for help. As I understand it, as I’ve never been married, when you get married you always have someone to call on.

All things considered, the video exceeds any expectations someone should have for an ad trying to sell a few smartphones as it does deliver a real message that people can relate to. 11 million YouTube views will attest to that!

by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.