Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: GoPro YouTube Channel

Here on the viral marketing campaign of the week feature we like to focus on one specific video, tweet, or conentrated campaign. Today we’ll be looking at the entire campaign being running on one channel, YouTube, by the GoPro team.

Their individual videos may not be going viral, but their channel certainly has!

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: GoPro YouTube Channel

GoPro has taken the concept of viral marketing and turned it away from any one specific piece of content and instead turned it on their entire channel. They feature a broad array of user shot video. Any one video never really reaches a viral level, but the channel as a whole gets huge hits and subscription numbers. Here’s an example video:

This is a type of marketing where you take something that your product does very well, in this instance it’s shooting video, and take it to extremes while letting your customers do you marketing for you.

GoPro have been exceeding at this type of marketing, with new videos being uploaded everyday that are shot by users, and loved by users. They have an incredible brand presence on YouTube because of this, and a great community of loyal fans.

Other aspects of the GoPro YouTube channel campaign

People are taking their GoPro and making videos with the GoPro name itself in the title. It’s coming to the point where “GoPro” is becoming it’s own term meaning “video I shot myself.” Like how “go Google it” means “go perform an Internet search.” Or how “I need a Kleenex” means “I need a facial tissue.”

Here’s an off-brand video with GoPro in the title, a free add for the brand that they don’t have to do anything at all to accomplish:

This kind of brand saturation is an absolute ideal for any company, and GoPro is accomplishing it by letting their fans do it for them!

Problems with the GoPro YouTube channel campaign

It’s really tough to pick apart anything that GoPro is doing with their YouTube channel marketing. They’re appealing to a broad market of potential consumers, they have incredible videos, and their fans are definitely engaged and feeling appreciated.

Looking at the GoPro Twitter feed, where they could really start to promote these videos off of their YouTube page, there are problems. For one, after looking through 3 days of content I couldn’t find one official hashtag which connected videos. Something like #uservideos, or #GoProuse, would connect up some of their great content so people could view it easier.

Not even their recurring “Video of the Day” and “Photo of the Day” features have a hashtag. If they just establish a “#VidoftheDay” and “#PicoftheDay” hashtag their users could find them all easier, and maybe even join in.

gopro logoEven their Facebook account is similarly maligned – there just doesn’t feel like there’s any connection from one post to the next. They’ve been running a contest called “Everything We Make.” The contest has no hashtag to help link it together – just a page off Facebook where you enter.

GoPro have built a great community on YouTube, but they are failing to connect their community effectively, and across platforms. If they wanted to feature some of their best videos, and have a better potential for virality, they could try out our own video crowd marketing tactics – and you can too!

Feature image of a GoPro with Table Mountain by Jim Sher.

by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.