Top 10 Viral Content Ideas for your Business!

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What do you say we cut the blah, blah paragraph and get right to the Top 10 viral content ideas that will help spread your message quickly? That sounds like an excellent idea! Free tip: cut out the fluff!

Top 10 viral content ideas that you can use!

1. Quotes. Quotes. QUOTES.

There seems to be nothing so powerful in the whole of Social media-dom as quotes on an image from a famous person. To look at the psychology behind it, people are using these quotes to say something about themselves, and to associate themselves with something bigger than they are. Find a quote that will speak to your audience, a sports website would do better quoting Vince Lombardi then Liberace. Capiche?

2. Include users in brand milestones

Just launch a new project? Donate to a worthy cause? Is it your 10 year business anniversary? Hire a cute intern? These are all fair game as viral content ideas as long as you keep them modest. This isn’t bragging, this is a chance to let your fans know something about your brand, and to make them feel like they’re included. It’s cheaper than opening a desk for them at the office!

3. Celebrate a weird holiday

Last week there was National Dog Day. A few brands celebrated it, but none did it as well as my man, Snoop Dogg. It was the perfect message to send out for the Snoop brand. What will work for your company? National secretary day could allow you the chance to thank yours, and all secretaries. National chocolate week? Tweet out a chocolate version of your logo, or make it your header image for the week! Check out this list of unexpected holidays for inspiration!

viral content ideas: weird holidays

4. Use evergreen content wisely

Take a look at which content on your website or blog has sustained interest. You have some content that people keep coming back to again and again. Take that content, turn it into a social media post, and give it something shareable – it may be one of your best viral content ideas.

As an example, your best blog post about the best video games: Start a hashtag around this like #bestgame2014, get fan input on their favorite games, and allow that evergreen content to bring you more, well, green$.

5. Join in on regular hashtag events

More and more people are getting into regular hashtag events that happen weekly. Examples include Throwback Thursday (#tbt) on Facebook, and #FollowFriday on Twitter. You can also create your own ongoing. Jenna Marble’s #SexualWednesday may be on of her best viral content ideas as it’s easy to get people excited about it and it fits her brand:

Feel free to join in on a conversation revolving around a relevant regular hashtag. Someone posts a #tbt about a favorite book of theirs from childhood? If you’re a bookstore, get in on it!

6. Name drop those in your industry

This tactic moves away from having viral content, and instead borrows from our own crowd marketing concept. The thing here is that there’s no guarantee that giving an industry leader in your field a @mention will garner results. Having great viral content ideas to present to them will get you further.

The hope here for viral content is that this industry leader will notion your mention and then send your message out to their followers. Minor butt kissing is not required, just speak honestly to them about an issue!

7. Give it away

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and every other social media platform thrives on contest and giveaways. Nearly every social media account I follow is just for the contests and deals they promote on social media. The best ones are shared with my friends so that they can get in on these deals too.

Each platform will have its own unique rules, such as Facebook’s recent ban on like gating.

8. Post interviews with those people you hire to do work

Your staff members are much more than the monkey’s making the products, they’re an important part of your team! Interviewing them and posting that content online can help you not only spread more of your brand culture and get some shares, but it is also a recruiting opportunity. When people are looking to work for you, and they find a fun and engaging interview from a staff member, you have a chance to recruit new talent!

This tactic can be great for those in the creative industry as they share their creative process and ideas:

If you’re really daring, ask them what sort of viral content ideas they have. They’re social media users too, you may find your next social media manager right in your own company!

9. Jokes! Silliness! FUN!!

Every social network, the exception of the absolutely drab LinkedIn (I’ve tried), loves a good joke. Some companies take this to an extreme, such as the Mountain Dew example below, while others take the time to speak a little more mellow than their regular marketing message.

As an expert on funny (I’m the two time “Funniest Writer on Viral Tactic” Champion. Undefeated.), I’d have to say that you either have it, or you don’t. You can’t force it, if you’re funny challenged than use videos and cartoons that are related to your industry for your funny viral content ideas. Remember that this is social media, not a board shareholders meeting with all the senior staff.

10. When you can’t sell with sex, sell with cute

Ok, you can’t post bikini clad photos (unless you sell them I suppose) for your online store to just get eyeballs looking in your direction. It’s poor taste. But one thing that never seems to tire out is the posting of cute kittens and babies.

Find a way to tastefully get them in your content – baby sized hammers for your hardware store, a bring your cat to the office video, or to melt the Internet you could have a contest to see who amongst your fans has the cutest baby or cat – and you’ll be sure to find a few shares. And “awwwwws.”

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by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.