Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Always #LikeAGirl

Gender roles and stereotypes have been a hot topic in the marketing world lately, breaking them down that is! This thought going through the public consciousness has been capitalized upon by Always with their #LikeAGirl video campaign, as well as their Twitter efforts. Continue reading

10 Patriotic Twitter Accounts to Follow this Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July brings out the best of America every year as we celebrate this incredible nation. Social media is certainly a place that is not immune to the fervors of the Fourth of July, and Twitter is absolutely stuffed with messages of patriotic support.

Patriotic Twitter accounts to follow this Fourth of July!

Which Twitter accounts will have something worth listening to this fourth of July? Here are 10 that you should follow, if you aren’t already! Continue reading

Increase Conversions with Social Content Curation

The fact that web users are consuming an incredible amount of social content should be no surprise to anyone as the selfie craze takes over the world. How can your brand increase conversion with this phenomenon? By looking at social content curation ideas that get people involved in the story of your brand.

Increase Conversions with Social Content Curation

Now, something being popular is one thing, but it being influential is quite another. What you may not know is that people are no longer trusting the word of the company, or even established online review websites, anymore. Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: First Moon Party

Welcome to the second of our ongoing series of Viral marketing campaigns of the week. This week, we’re looking at a product that either gets a completely, well, I want to use the phrase ‘bollocks treatment,’ but that may be an odd choice, and hard for American readers to understand. Continue reading

The New Twitter GIF Feature: Go Viral in a Series of Photos!

Twitter is always working to bring new and innovative features to their users. They announced on their blog that they will now allow GIFs to play in tweets. Or as Mashable groaningly put it: “Twitter gave its users a GIFt on Wednesday.”

The GIF feature is only available on the homepage, iPhone and Android devices. This covers most usage on Twitter, a full rollout to all devices is expected. So, how can you start reaching people with a Twitter GIF and see your follower numbers grow? Keep reading! Continue reading