Stop being an Annoying Business Page on Social Media

annoying business page uses wrong tool

Social media is a huge huge business for marketers who know what they’re doing. It is also a huge HUGE time waster for those who don’t. The most annoying business pages on Facebook, the most obnoxious accounts on Twitter, and the most unwatchable videos on YouTube all share some common traits.

Just because social media platforms are cheap doesn’t mean you need to be involved with every single one, and it doesn’t mean that using one isn’t a waste of time. I’m going to layout 10 big time wasters that take your business page from a fun community, to an annoying business page populated by you and maybe your employees. Continue reading

Increase Store Customers with Social Media – Online Lead Generation

We’ve spoken extensively about viral marketing and crowd marketing here on the Viral Tactic blog. These online marketing tactics can bring in huge numbers of interested people, but how do you turn those new social followers into qualified leads? How do you increase store customers, drive leads from the social media world to your store, and make you actual brick and mortar shop busy?

Today we’re going to look at the basics of taking your online leads, whether you earn these new followers through crowd marketing or some other way, and turning them into sales in your brick and mortar store. Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: GoPro YouTube Channel

Here on the viral marketing campaign of the week feature we like to focus on one specific video, tweet, or conentrated campaign. Today we’ll be looking at the entire campaign being running on one channel, YouTube, by the GoPro team.

Their individual videos may not be going viral, but their channel certainly has! Continue reading

5 Steps from New Fan – To Passionately Engaged Fan for Life

Every business on social media wants to engage fans for a lifelong journey with their brand story. But how do you go about taking that person who casually saw a post shared by someone on their contact list and turn them into a lifelong fan who engages with your brand story?

Here are five points that you can follow to go from the first like, share, or retweet, to a fan for life. Continue reading

How to Survive a Social Media Hoax That Goes Viral

social media hoax warning

Have you eve been sucked into a social media hoax before? A social media hoax is when a story spreads virally through the social web and people believe it is true. But, unfortunately for those sucked into it, the story is not true.

This can be fun in some cases, Jimmy Kimmel’s hoaxes come to mind, but for an online brand it can be a PR nightmare that starts through no fault of your own. Continue reading