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Crowd Marketing

Crowd Marketing simply works.

Crowd tMarketing is similar to word of mouth – it gets people talking,
helping increase your Twitter’s visibility, sparks interest, & drive results.
While it can help attract followers quickly, the best results are long-lasting:
Increase your exposure, awareness, engagements, credibility, & even ranking.

    Here’s what’s included:

  • Expert review and suggestions to improve your Twitter account
  • Analysis of industry, target audience and qualified influencers
  • Sponsored Tweets from multiple influencers promoting your account
  • Targeted exposure, increased awareness and boost in Klout
Crowd Marketing has 7 main advantage for Twitter – learn more.



What our Customers Say

I gain more followers in a week with ViralTactic then I have for the past year tweeting everyday. Amazing service!

Benjamin H. | Web Designer


This is the real deal! I gained about 2,000 REAL followers. Not fake or garbage followers that aren’t worth anything. It came out to about $0.24 per follower, and worth every penny!

Chuuwee | Hip hop Artist

Why ViralTactic?

  • An affordable alternative to Twitter’s official Promoted Accounts (save up to 90%)
  • Gain targeted exposure via Word of Mouth
  • Attract real & genuine followers naturally.
  • Increase your Klout score & Credibility
  • Get professional advice to optimize your account, from social media experts
  • Enjoy both short-term & long-term results.
  • Unbeatable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or promise followers. By ordering
ViralTactic is not affiliated with Twitter in any way.

How It Works


1. Customize Your Campaign

First step is customizing your order and telling us exactly how you want to be promoted.

Select how many users you want to reach (impressions), from 25,000 to over a million, and choose any extras you’d like (Double tweets and Scheduling are popular). Next, give us some info about your account, how you’d like to be promoted and any resources you want influencers to include in their tweets (usually a link to a video, song or pic).


2. We Approve & Search for Influencers

Once we receive your order, we’ll analyze your account, provide professional suggestions and tips to optimize it (if necessary) and then give our check of approval.
We’ll shoot you an email and then begin our search for verified influencers in our network who would benefit you most. We’ll invite them and those who like your account will accept. Once enough influencers join your campaign, we’ll let you know and move forward.


3. Influencers Begin Tweeting & Promoting

After we have everything in place, we’ll begin your Crowd Marketing campaign. Influencers will tweet and recommend you to their followers based on your details and their unique tweeting style. You’ll reach your audience through word of mouth, gaining exposure, boosting your Klout and attracting real, genuine followers.
Once your campaign has been completed, we’ll send you a Completion Email, which will include a report of your results and some extras.



Twitter Promo utilizes our Crowd Marketing service to help promote your Twitter account through word of mouth. We get a crowd of popular influencers tweeting about you, mentioning you and recommending you to their followers, with the goal of getting you more exposure and attracting real, genuine followers.

We focus on quality, rather than quantity. With our campaign, you’ll gain more exposure and visibility throughout your industry, increase your Klout score and credibility, and even help attract genuine followers – real people you follow you out of interest and actually care what you tweet (not fake or irrelevant followers)
While we don’t guarantee followers, these are the results our clients typically see:

Average Increase in Genuine Followers (Avg. cost: $0.10 to $0.50 per follower)
25k Social Reach —————– 100 ~ 500 genuine followers
TwitterAds-DidYouKnow50k Social Reach —————– 250 ~ 1,000 genuine followers
100k Social Reach ————— 500 ~ 2,000 genuine followers
250k Social Reach ————— 1,000 ~ 5,000 genuine followers
500k Social Reach ————— 2,500 ~ 10,000 genuine followers
1M Social Reach —————– 5,000 ~ 20,000 genuine followers
*These are average results – not guaranteed results. Individual results may vary.


Choosing the Double Exposure option will get influencers tweeting and promoting you at least twice, which typically results in 50% more engagements and followers gained on average.

Common Question: Why do results vary so much?
We’re promoting you to real people, so results heavily depend on what you’re doing.
How you present yourself, what you tweet and how you engage Twitter followers are all very important factors. The better your account looks and the better you tweet, but better results you’ll see. Checkout our Twitter Account Checklist for tips and suggestion on how to improve your account and tweeting habits.