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Skip the Ads. Get a Crowd promoting for you.

Get popular users on Social Media sharing and recommending your stuff to your target audience.




Three (or more) is a Crowd

We get a crowd of verified influencers on social media to tweet, share and promote your stuff to their targeted followers & fans. Reach your audience directly through word of mouth and make a real impact.



Expert Managed. Results-Driven.

Each campaign is professionally managed with a keen focused on driving amazing results and high ROI. We’ll work with you to help increase targeted traffic, attract new customers, sales or downloads, grow your following, increase viewership or even kickstart something awesome.


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Personalized & Optimized

Each and everyone of our influencers is different, and people follow them for different reasons. As such, each sponsored tweet will match influencers’ personalities and their tweeting habits – making for better results & higher ROI.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve helped over 60,000 clients with Crowd Marketing. If you’re not happy with results, we’ll do our best to make it right. In addition, if we don’t believe we can run a successful campaign for you, we’ll issue a full refund so you don’t waste your money.


Our clients love us, but don’t take our word for it…


“Our iPhone app received over 20k
downloads in a week and was even
mentioned on a popular website “

App Developer


“Crowd Marketing surpassed my expectations! My video went from nothing to 1.6 million views in a week. “

Melissa P.
Professional YouTuber


“As a repeat client, I couldn’t recommend ViralTactic more. Incredible ROI, very easy to start & friendliest people in the world.”

Greg H.
Small Business Owner

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*Estimated results are based on average results from April 2014 – June 2014.
We do not guarantee results – Viral Tactic only guarantees visibility & exposure.

how it worksViral Tactic helps connect you with top influencers in your industry to promote your business, product, service, app, music or just about anything else, via Crowd Marketing.

What’s Crowd Marketing?
It’s a service we engineered to get crowd of targeted influencers (who like your stuff) to talk about & promote you on Social Media, via sponsored tweets & posts.

Here’s how it works:


1. Customize Your Campaign

The first step is customizing your campaign, which we’ve made incredibly easy, straightforward & transparent.
Give us some info on what you want promoted, choose your target audience and then select how big of an audience you want to reach. You can schedule your campaign for a specific time or double your engagement by getting influencers mentioning you multiple times.
Pricing is based on CPM and starts at $49, with no hidden fees.


HowItWorks22. We Find Targeted Influencers

Once we receive your order, our team starts working.
We’ll check and research your content – offering tips and suggestions to you along the way. We’ll then invite qualified, targeted influencers to your campaign, where they’ll be able to either accept or decline the campaign based on their own likes. Once enough influencers accept your campaign, the fun begins.



3. Influencers Tweet, Share & Promote

Influencers will use your info and goal to promote you on Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram – giving you massive exposure, traffic and credible mentions from a crowd.
You’ll be able to easily monitor your results, from retweet and favorites, to clicks and conversions. With the effectiveness of word-of-mouth, your crowd marketing campaign will provide you with both short-term and long-term benefits.

How does Crowd Marketing work?
We get a crowd of targeted influencers (popular users on social media) to tweet, share and promote your content to their followers and fans, from 25,000 to over a million. Gain exposure, traffic, conversions, engagements, branding, credibility and even help increase your search engine ranking.

What is “Double Exposure”?
Our “Double Exposure” add-on gets influencers promote you or your content multiple times throughout the day or week (usually 2-3 times), instead of just once. This ensures that you gain the maximum visibility among all of an influencers followers and increase follower/fan activation rate (ie. The number of users that act upon the tweet)

What is a “Priority Campaign”?
Our Priority Campaign option (priced at a 30% premium) ensures our team puts top priority to working on your campaign, so it gets completed as quickly and effective as possible. We’re typically able to cut the turnaround time in half.

What results can I expect?
Individual results vary depending on how good your content actually is. As you’re placing your order, you’ll see the average results based on the plan/options you selected. Our team will provide you a with a more accurate estimate of expected results once we review your content, so you can choose whether or not to proceed.

Who are the influencers that will promote my content?
Influencers are users on Social Media that have a larger reach and influence over a particular target audience. We verify their followers, Klout, target audience(s) engagements and history to ensure that the influencers who will promote your content are the perfect match and have the influence to help your content break through.

What languages to you accept?
We can only promote content that is in English or Spanish at this time. We are unable to promote anything in other languages.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee?
If we’re unable to fulfill your campaign, or we believe a campaign would be ineffective, we’ll let you know and issue a refund. However, we can’t issue a refund once a campaign has been completed, as our campaigns are performed manually, are very time consuming and we have to pay all influencers for their contributions.

13 reviews for Crowd Marketing

  1. Lincoln
    5 out of 5


    Five Stars!

  2. Mario
    5 out of 5


    I just finished my third order and I’m still amazed with the results. They help you gain exposure, followers and engagements from real people. I’ve gained over 4,000 real legitimate followers over the past month. Would highly recommend to anything in need of followers and exposure on Twitter.

  3. Luis O.
    5 out of 5


    First of all, I’ll start by saying Crowd Marketing is not like traditional marketing services where what you see is what you get – it has a much deeper, long-term impact such as increasing customer loyalty and providing massive brand awareness that is a lot more difficult to monitor.

    Our campaign was for 1 Million Social Reach for a clothing brand and we think the campaign was extremely successful with excellent ROI. In total, we get 31 influencers participate, with a total of 71 tweets and over 4,000 retweets / favorites. Our website received close to 7,000 clicks, which in and of itself came out to 14 cents a click, but there was so much more with this campaign that we wouldn’t have minded if we paid $1 per click.

  4. Antonio H
    5 out of 5


    The entire Viraltactic team was great. Very professional and they know what they’re doing. When I ordered, they immediately contacted me letting me know that my video needed work before they could promote it. They gave me tips, which I took and in about two weeks, they helped me promote my new “better” video, which really took off! I’d highly recommend VT!

  5. Franko
    5 out of 5


    Excellent service. The tweets that promoted my video were really good and received a nice amount of retweets and favorites. I received about 1,200 views, 300 likes and 250 subscribers after just 3 days. Definitely not bad!

  6. David
    5 out of 5


    One of THE BEST ways to promote an awesome video. We ordered two different 50k campaigns at the same time to test out ViralTactic’s Crowd Marketing service, one on an amazing and popular video that we re-uploaded and another on a shitty video we put together in half an hour, to test out how “effective” and genuine the results were. To our surprise, our Awesome video received over 11,000 views, 2,000 likes and about 140 comments in about 4 days (along with tons of retweets on the sponsored tweets). The shitty video on the other hand received about 800 views, some likes and more dislikes and about 7 comments. No retweets at all on the tweets.

    Our conclusion: ViralTactic offers a true marketing service that heavily depends on the quality and content of your video for its success. If you have an awesome video, using crowd marketing is an amazingly effective way of kickstarting word of mouth promotion. If you have a shitty video that doesn’t appeal to people, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll probably be better of buying views. Note: ViralTactic’s team did contact us ahead of time regarding the second video and told us that it possibility would get lower then average results.

  7. Christopher
    4 out of 5


    Not bad at all. I’ve ordered three times and each time I’ve been impressed (some more than others). Results definitely vary from video to video.

  8. Brian
    5 out of 5


    Our 1 million campaign just finished (we got our confirmation email a few minutes ago) and the results were impressive to say the least. Our video received about 52,000 views, over 4,000 likes and tons of comments. We also got a 5,000 new subscriber bump. In and of itself a success in our opinion.

    But that’s not all. From those 52,000 views, our video earned $1,534 from Adwords, which means this service paid for itself and then some!

    The support team here was also very helpful and experienced. They walked us through the entire process, helped us fixed a few things to optimize our video and were always quick to respond.

    Completely worth it!

  9. Nicholas
    5 out of 5


    The team at Viraltactic was so helpful! They help me optimize my video, choose an effective thumbnail and when they started the campaign (250k), the views poured in and I even gained a few hundred new subscribers. 5/5 Stars.

  10. Zack
    5 out of 5


    Very impressed with the service! I ordered 50k social reach and received about a little over 5,000 views and 212 new subscribers in 5 days!

  11. Jia
    4 out of 5


    This was my first order and also an experiment. I’ve never heard of crowd marketing and decided to give it a shoot. The concept was straightforward – people with a lot of followers on Twitter tweet your ad, but I hadn’t heard of how effective this was so I gave it shot.

    I placed an order of 250k Impressions to promote a free 7 week trial of my company’s service. We linked to a landing page was highly optimized for Adwords and converted fairly well with conventional ads. We created two tweets with two different tracking links and waited. It took a day for the campaign to start and we noticed right away once traffic spiked. We hopped over to Twitter to see who was tweeting and they were in-fact influencers in our industry, I was already following a few of them which was a good sign. Our campaign was completed in 4 days with the following results:

    14 Participants (Influencers)
    19 Tweets
    410,000 Combined Followers (We ordered 250k)
    46 Combined Retweets
    428 Clicks
    129 Sign ups
    $2.30 per lead

    Overall, it was worth while. We received more “Impressions” then expected and while the CTR was much lower then we’re used to, the conversions rates were on track. The only draw-back that I noticed (and why I gave it 4 stars) was that some tweeters only tweet your message once, while others tweet it two or three variations. The result is, you don’t reach all their followers because not all of them are online at the time – and some of the tweeters we had tweet often.

    The Verdict: Yes, crowd marketing works and it’s something most business can take advantage of. We’ll be running more campaigns later on.

  12. John G.
    4 out of 5


    ViralTactic is the real deal and the results are MUCH better then I expected! I’ve purchased Sponsored Tweets before and when I heard of Crowd Marketing, I assumed it was the same thing – I couldn’t have been more wrong. I contacted support in regards to my concern and they were very fast and explained the how the service uses a different approach and how infleuncers pick me (rather then me picking them). When I ordered and the tweets and mentions started coming – the results were 10x better than regular sponsored tweets. I received over 500 followers from just 1 mention. At the end of my campagin, I was 2000 followers richer and a happy tweeter. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone that needs more attention and followers on twitter. It works!!

  13. Syrus
    5 out of 5


    Great stuff. Campaign was completed as promised, on time. Results were within expectations, so I’m happy.

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