How to Promote Viral Songs with Twitter and SoundCloud Teaming Up!

promote viral songs

If you’ve always wanted to have a viral song, that hit that everyone sings at every club, and that’s bumping out of every stereo all summer long, Twitter and SoundCloud have just made it easier.

Twitter officially announced it on their blog, and SoundCloud soon followed up with an announcement on their page. Having a hit viral song is going to be easier than ever, check out SoundCloud tweeting the good news!

How to promote viral songs on Twitter

This partnership that has now been established between Twitter and SoundCloud will give musicians the chance to post tracks from their SoundCloud right into their own tweets. This gives their Twitter followers a real chance to hit that retweet button and get the music out there as it will play right in the Twitter window – no more leaving Twitter to listen to new viral songs! When a hot track pops up in your timeline just hit play and you can keep scrolling!

This feature is not yet available to everyone as they iron out the bugs. Chance the Rapper became one of the first to use the feature, this here is his second or third tweet using the feature below:

The feature is still in its early days. Embedding isn’t working perfectly, so look at what Chance’s fans saw in their Twitter timelines:

chance the rapper tries to promote viral songs on twitter

David Guetta also got in on the act with his latest track, which is sure to be one of the viral songs playing at every club this winter:

They’ve kept it simple here. You don’t have to spend your data on a video playing if you’re on your phone. You only play the audio. This is a sure way to get more plays and increase your ability to promote viral songs on Twitter.

How this partnership will promote viral songs

First, this new partnership makes it so much easier for our song promotion services to help promote your viral songs. Once this goes live for all users, we can send your songs out and have them directly in the tweet – no more links directing people off Twitter.

Second, it opens up all new avenues for artists to engage with their fans. You can now think about:

  • Getting real time feedback on the viral songs you’re promoting
  • Offer your fans new songs in a much more immediate way
  • Directly connect your Twitter, one of the most relevant social media platforms, to one of the most relevant music sharing platforms.

SoundCloud hasn’t quite succeeded as a social media platform yet, but this partnership fixes that pretty quickly.

Those in other industries can benefit from this too. Podcasters can tweet out their latest podcast and have it going right into fan’s ears. Lecturers and speakers can give attendees a preview of what they’re going to talk about, or send them summaries afterwards. In short, if you can record it with audio, you can now have it right on Twitter.

What can you do besides promote viral songs?

As I just said above, you put anything you can record as audio up on SoundCloud and tweet it out. This opens up real time marketing techniques – which are Twitter’s strength – that you can now use. Try using Twitter and SoundCloud’s partnership to:

  • Send out sneak peeks of songs. Ask for their feedback, start a conversation, and you can improve your demos with the help of those who will be buying the album in the end!
  • Put your song in a Promoted tweet that is well targeted and see if you can advertise your way to a viral song.
  • Start marketing basic things, like a personalized message from you, the band, right to fans who do certain things. This can be a whole new Flock to Unlock campaign for your band to use.
  • What town doesn’t want to hear you screaming it’s name before the show? Now you can really get the next city on your tour excited by recording a “We can’t wait to see you, Houston!” message and getting your fans to retweet it out to other music lovers they know in Houston.

As you can guess, the choices are only limited by your imagination. Just like there are viral songs, there can be viral marketing ideas that lead to a new way to promote viral songs. Use this new feature as fully as you can, and I just may be dancing around to your song like a fool the next time it’s a Friday night and I want to get a little crazy.

Feature image from Wikimedia Commons.

by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.