How To Optimize Your Twitter & Be Awesome


You are pretty awesome, so your Twitter Profile needs to reflect that.
Your profile has four main aspects that you can easily optimize & improve: (1) profile picture, (2) bio, (3) header, & (4) your tweets.
You’re up against millions of other people and competitors on Twitter, so it’s important that you stand out and tweet right. You need to make your potential followers (whoever they may be) absolutely love you and jump on top of one another just to click that “Follow” button.

Check out our 5 step guide, and be sure to spy on your competitors to see what their doing. Your goal: Do it better.

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Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing people see, so it’s extremely important that you choose the right pic. It needs to accurately portray you, your company or your brand.
With Twitter’s latest design, your profile picture needs to be at least 400 x 400 pixels. Any smaller and Twitter will stretch it out, causing it to look blurry and unattractive. Below are a few examples of good profile pictures:

Personal Account? Show people who you are – especially your face. Keep your audience in mind as well, while just your face is recommended in most cases, a little extra wouldn’t hurt for some industries.


Business Account? Use your logo or an identifiable image. If your business is new or not well known, include your business or brand name as well. We don’t recommend using a personal photo for business, as it may confuse your followers.



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Your Bio

“Who are you and why should someone follow you?”
Your Twitter bio should answer that question in 160 characters or less. By making your bio clear and direct, you’re able to easily express who you are to someone who doesn’t know you and give them a few reasons to follow you or just check you out.

Personal Bio Examples
These guys do a great job of explaining who they are and what they do. You can do the same and if space permits – let potential followers know why they should follow you.


Business Bio Examples
Businesses usually have to be more direct on why you should follow them. Both Macy’s and Skype use most of their bio to convince people to follow them. Shake Shack uses it to explain why they’re awesome. All three are excellent examples.


Cheating with your bio is common with celebrities and big brands, but that’s because they assume you know who they are. However, if your goal, even partly, is attracting new followers, fans or customers who have no idea who you are or why they should follow you – being clear and direct is the best route.


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Your Header Photo

Your Twitter header is like a visual bio – it expresses who you are, what you like or what you stand for in a large 1500 x 500 pixel image. You can choose whatever photo you like, but there are a few important guidelines that are incredibly important. Most people ignore these, so by following them correctly, you may automatically put yourself ahead of the curve.

Header Size – Your header image MUST be at least 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels high to look its best. Any less and Twitter will stretch it out and you’ll end up with a blurry, unattractive header.
Avoid Chopping – Optimally, you’d want a header that’s exactly 1500 x 500 pixels, but it doesn’t need to be. If you choose an image with different dimensions, you want to make sure that you’re not mistakingly chopping off someone’s head.

Tall Twitter Header Cutoff

This header is too tall, so Twitter chops off the top and bottom portions.

Personal Headers can be anything that you like or represents you. We’d suggest checking out TwitrCovers for a huge collection of optimized headers.

Business Headers on the other hand, usually have to be more focused, while appealing to your audience or customers. Here are a few good examples:

Pepsi promoting a new seasonal flavor.

Pepsi promoting a new seasonal flavor.

Pepsi promoting a new seasonal flavor.

Louis Vuitton’s simple, yet elegant showcase.


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Your Tweets

Once you’ve made your profile look drop dead gorgeous, you’ll have your audiences’ attention. The next step is ensuring you keep their attention, with the heart & soul of your Twitter account – your tweets.

“Tweeting doesn’t matter. Your followers don’t care what you say or don’t say.” – said No One

Your tweets are the most important thing about your Twitter account. If you don’t tweet often, you promote yourself a lot, you tweet things completely irrelevant to your audience or you don’t interact with others – you’re not using Twitter correctly… and you’re probably not doing too well either.

What should I tweet or do?
Tweet things your followers (or potential followers) actually care about or would like to know. Twitter is about sharing bits of information with like-minded people. What you tweet determines who follows you and who doesn’t.

  • Be Relevant – Tweet things that your audience cares about and expects.
  • Be Relevantly Awesome – Being relevant is only half the story. Your tweets should be relevant, but they can also be awesome, creative and most importantly – retweetable. Tweeting things that people want to retweet means you gain more exposure, more visibility and attract new followers.
  • Be Visual – You might only have 160 characters, but not all of them need to be text. Including pictures or videos in your tweets makes them more engaging and attracts 200% more retweets.
  • Be Social – The best part of Twitter is engaging with other, like-minded people. Join the conversation, @mention people, @reply when they mention you. Whether providing customer support, or just talking to a new friend
  • Use Hashtags Effectively – Using one or two relevant #hashtags is a useful method of connecting your tweets with similar topics or conversations. Hashtags should be important keywords or the overall topic of your tweet, such as #socialmedia.
  • Get Ideas From Others – Follow others in your industry, influencers and maybe even competitors. They can give you ideas on what/how to tweet, or give you great content to retweet.

What shouldn’t I tweet or do?
Tweeting the wrong things can scare off potential followers or make your current followers unfollow.

  • Don’t tweet irrelevant things – Your followers followed you for a reason. Don’t tweet about things they wouldn’t care about.
  • Don’t spam or over-promote – Spamming or constantly promoting yourself / products shows that you only care about making money. Who wants to follow someone who only wants their money? So tweet things your followers will like. You can promote things every once in awhile, but don’t do it constantly.
  • Don’t be boring – Dull tweets don’t typically draw in followers and they definitely won’t get you many retweets or favorites. Be creative, be interesting and be awesome.
  • Don’t be anti-social – If you think Twitter is a one-sided conversation, you don’t know Twitter. Use that @ symbol and interact with like-minded followers. Retweet things your followers will like. @Mention users when appropriate – whether just talking about them or to initiate a public conversation. If someone mentions you, reply.
  • Bad Hashtag Use

  • Don’t hashtag everything – Hashtagging is a useful means of connecting your tweet with other similar/relevant tweets. However, you shouldn’t #overuse #hashtags #or #hashtag #everything, because then you’ll just look like a #fool.
  • Don’t Retweet Too Much – Retweeting is nice, but creating original tweets is vital for Twitter success. If you retweet more than you tweet, you’re promoting others more than you’re promoting yourself.
  • Don’t Abandon Tweeting – Find the right balance of tweeting (3-25 times a day is a good average). If you’re not tweeting, you’re not giving anyone a reason to follow you. The same thing goes if you tweet too much, you’ll overwhelm your audience and give them a reason NOT to follow.

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Managing & Keeping It Going

We know. You’re busy with work & life, and don’t have time for everything. Well, you’re in luck because Twitter isn’t everything – and it doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult either. Managing your Twitter account(s), whether by yourself or with a team can be fun, easy & quick.