How ViralTactic Works

how it worksViral Tactic helps connect you with top influencers in your industry to promote your business, product, service, app, music or just about anything else, via Crowd Marketing.

What’s Crowd Marketing?
It’s a service we engineered to get crowd of targeted influencers (who like your stuff) to talk about & promote you on Social Media, via sponsored tweets & posts.

Here’s how it works:


1. Customize Your Campaign

The first step is customizing your campaign, which we’ve made incredibly easy, straightforward & transparent.
Give us some info on what you want promoted, choose your target audience and then select how big of an audience you want to reach. You can schedule your campaign for a specific time or double your engagement by getting influencers mentioning you multiple times.
Pricing is based on CPM and starts at $49, with no hidden fees.


HowItWorks22. We Find Targeted Influencers

Once we receive your order, our team starts working.
We’ll check and research your content – offering tips and suggestions to you along the way. We’ll then invite qualified, targeted influencers to your campaign, where they’ll be able to either accept or decline the campaign based on their own likes. Once enough influencers accept your campaign, the fun begins.



3. Influencers Tweet, Share & Promote

Influencers will use your info and goal to promote you on Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram – giving you massive exposure, traffic and credible mentions from a crowd.
You’ll be able to easily monitor your results, from retweet and favorites, to clicks and conversions. With the effectiveness of word-of-mouth, your crowd marketing campaign will provide you with both short-term and long-term benefits.



Ready. Set. GO!

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