How to Get More YouTube Views & Become Internet Famous

get more youtube views

If you want to get more YouTube views, it’s time to take your YouTube channel seriously. Some of the most successful YouTube users may look like they’re just goofing around and having a good time, and to be fair they are indeed doing so, but behind the scenes there is some serious work and planning going on.

Read this article for 8 tips to help you improve your YouTube channel, and get more YouTube views.

Analyze your competition, and learn from their successes and mistakes

Nearly everything that can be done on YouTube has been done. Your direct competition may not be on YouTube, but someone in a similar industry is. The easiest way to get more YouTube views with this tactic is to subscribe to these other channels. You’ll be able to experience it the way a fan does, and that’s an invaluable learning experience.

Important things to note about their YouTube channel include:

  • When they post – most YouTube channels will post on a specific day, at a specific time. If you’re following more than one channel, analyze which time is getting the most views. This can be skewed by any number of factors, but if trends start to emerge that videos released on Wednesday at 6pm EST get the most views, pay attention!
  • What they post – Take a look at the content in the videos, and how people are responding to it in the comments below. Those with lots of positivity are the ones you want to emulate.
  • How often they post – Does your competition post once per week? Post three times a week to start and get the edge on them in terms of content being produced. You can pull viewers away from them and over to you for more YouTube views.

This is the research that you need to do before you start your YouTube channel, not as you stumble along.

You’ll get more YouTube views when you’re consistent

Yep, consistency is hard. I post here on Viral Tactic every Saturday, and I know that I have to make time before it’s due. When I fail to do so, I know I’m letting down my readership because just like TV, there are those who know the schedule and show up here on Saturdays looking to learn a little while they’re away from the office.

If you like to emulate other people’s success, take a look at the now retired Ray William Johnson. He began his channel back in 2007, and for years he was sure to always post 3-4 videos per week. This built trust with his audience as they knew he’d be around to entertain them, and he delivered.

More YouTube views means more YouTube views…Got it?

The concept of social proof is a very real one. The basic premise of it is that people trust a social media account with more activity. If you already have more views, you’ll be prone to attract more interest as YouTube users see others trusting your content enough to hit the play button.

This is why brand new youTube channels benefit the most from our YouTube promotion service as they get a much higher ROI. Those with an established presence can benefit on new videos as well, but a brand new channel will see the most dramatic rise in YouTube views when they work with us.

Get more YouTube views with a great theme

Having a theme will make or break you, period. If you try to appeal to everyone with videos that cover a wide range of topics, you had better be a news service. Take a look at the most successful YouTube channels and tell me what you see as far as consistency of theme:

  • PewDiePie makes great videos about video games.
  • Smosh make funny and irreverent comedy videos.
  • Philip DeFranco makes videos that comment on news and Internet culture.
  • Michael Buck only ever comments on Hollywood gossip.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History sticks to their rap parody videos, and are separate from the parent channels of Nice Peter, and EpicLLOYD. Nice Peter keeps his guitar based songs on his page, EpicLLOYD keeps his hip hop beats on his channel, neither end up on Epic Rap Battles’ channel.

Even those who own channels know to not cross-promote their content directly and stick to the theme of each. It would dilute their brand and lead to fewer views, instead of more YouTube views overall. When you want Epic Rap Battles, you know where to go. When you want silly guitar songs? That’s covered elsewhere!

Notice how Nice Peter, the guy behind Epic Rap Battles of History, isn’t rapping here at all:

Make your views count for more with annotations

You may think that YouTube’s annotations are just there for marketers who want to sell product, but that isn’t always the case. These little pop-up windows can add more information to your video, which is handy if you discover you forgot something during editing.

When you really want to get more YouTube views, use them to create links to other relevant videos! Or, even better, make them prompts for subscriptions.

Make friends and bring on guests

When YouTubers connect with other users, that’s when we start to have real fun. You’ll likely have to start out on your own, but when you add guests you’ll start to see all kinds of new YouTube views coming your way. Why? You’re borrowing their audience.

Have you ever wondered why hip hop artists have so many guest appearances? Because hip hop realized a long time ago that both artists benefit from the exposure. Imagine if Snoop Dogg had never appeared with Dr. Dre on the Deep Cover soundtrack!

On YouTube, collaborations don’t happen as often as they use to. When they do, we get awesome videos like this one from Epic Meal Time, guest starring Smosh. Here’s your offensive language warning:

I laughed the whole way through, but I still saw the annotation for Smosh’s subscription page at the end. Smosh were also sure to stay true to their brand. Epic Meal Time drink. A lot. Smosh? A juice bag is much more their style!

Create playlists so your fans don’t have to

In the old oooooold days of YouTube, fans created their own playlists. But with your ability to create playlists of linked content, you can have content ready for fans to watch all in one go. It makes for an experience more like TV. Just hit play and let it happen, rather than clicking the mouse over and over again.

Be sure that you’re grouping your playlists well. It needs to be relevant or don’t bother. Let’s go back to those Smosh guys. Here’s a (bad) screenshot of their Playlist page:

get more youtube views with playlists

Each video type has its own playlist. Choose the one you want, and let the entertainment happen!

Get more YouTube views by letting people know when to show up

Telling your fans when you will be posting videos is essential. If they don’t know when to come by, they won’t come by. Do this on your social media pages, and I don’t just mean by sending out updates right after you post one. Make your release date part of your profile. “Welcome to the WHATEVER’s YouTube Twitter, you can find us on YouTube every Friday with the latest content you love.” Simple, to the point, and people know when it’s time to watch. Other times you want to do this is:

  • When you guest post on a site
  • At the end of each video
  • On your website

In short, anywhere you show up, your schedule for your videos should too.

Take guest appearances on talk shows as an example. What’s the last thing that the host says? Something like this: “I’d like to thank my guest. You can catch him Wednesdays on CBS at 8:30 for his show NAME.” You need to start building that kind of schedule advertising into everything you do!

by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.