We’re about to begin your viral marketing campaign.

Driving thousands if not millions of people to you or your content.

Making a good first impression is very important to your success.

So, let’s WOW your audience and make your viral tactic campaign a raging success!

We usually start campaigns within 1-2 days. Use this time to optimize your account / video / content if you haven’t already. If you have any questions or need helps, please let us know.


Optimize Your Content


Your Twitter account has two aspects: how it looks and what you tweet. You’re up against millions of other people and competitors on Twitter, so it’s important that you stand out and tweet right. You need to make your potential followers (whoever they may be) absolutely love you and jump on top of one another just to click that “Follow” button.

Dress To Impress
Your account’s appearance is the first thing people will notice. From your profile picture to your Bio, it gives your potential followers a preview of who you are and if you’re worth a second click. Let’s make sure your Twitter account is on it’s A-game!

Your Profile Picture tells people who you are, so it’s very important. Generally, we recommend individuals have a photo of their face, whereas companies should have a photo of their brand, logo or something unique and identifying. Photos should be high quality and at least 400 x 400 pixels.

Your Bio tells people what you’re all about, in 160 characters or less. There’s a lot of ways of doing this, but it’s always a good idea to be direct and have a clear message that tells people what you’re about and why they should follow you.



Tweet Right
What you tweet matters a lot. People follow you because of what you tweet, not just because of who you are. Here are some basic tips for tweeting right:

  • Tweet daily (but not too often)
  • Tweet things your followers will like (be interesting!)
  • Don’t spam or constantly promote yourself
  • Reply and respond to users who mention you
  • Tweet relevant pictures, videos or vines
  • Announce important news and updates



If you’re running a Business Twitter Account, you need to tweet smart. We know you want to make money and promote your business, but Twitter isn’t all about promoting things. It’s about staying connected and talking to like-minding people. Instead of just tweeting about your products or services, you can tweet videos, infographics, facts, industry news, link to an article and other useful things that can promote your products or services indirectly. Connecting with current and potential customers by provided support, suggestions or praise is also an excellent use of Twitter, and gives your audience just another reason to follow.

Remember, your success is dependent on you. To gain genuine followers, you need to convince them you’re worth following, so present yourself right and tweet well.

Have any questions, concerns or need suggestions? Let us know – we’ll help!

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