How you can Grow Your Readership and Increase Followers

You’ve been working away for a while, but want to grow your readership further…but how? There are any number of ways to achieve readership growth in a sustainable way. You’ll want to focus on the basics of great web content, no matter which social media platform you’re using, to achieve the best results.

Grow your readership with these 5 tips

Take the time to consider Search Engine Optimization

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.15.13 AMThere are a thousand ways to get your content optimized for search. The basics, such as using complementary meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags in any photo, and headers that are connected by a keyword can not only help you grow your readership, but help them understand what your page is about.

SEO basics are, at their core, about user experience. Taking the time to do these basic SEO things aren’t just about making the search engines happy, they’re also about helping your users understand what you’re all about.

Try and guess in the comments below what keyword I’ve used to optimized this post!

You lack social sharing buttons

Your fans may be your biggest ally in your goals to grow your readership. All it could take is a few social sharing widgets on your website to make this happen. You can also add counters which display how many times your content has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others as a form of social proof.

grow your readership with social sharing buttons

Stop trying to make online commercials

I once worked with a company that was trying to sell…a product. I’ll leave it at that. They were planning on doing this over YouTube with videos about their products. I watched the videos and they were basically 5 minute long commercials – it was one of the most painful jobs I’ve taken on in social media marketing!

My task was to increase their viewership with my great content, and with some SEO techniques. I did my job, but the still didn’t see their content take off. Why is that? You can’t use old marketing tactics, the type of stuff you’d see as an infomercial late at night, and expect some SEO to help it take off. Great SEO on an overly commercial piece of content is like polishing a…

You haven’t optimized your content distribution channels

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.06.21 AMThis is something that we take seriously here at Viral Tactic as can try to grow your readership through our crowd marketing tactics. If you don’t have any strategy right now for expanding your readership and influence, your content is relying entirely on your SEO tactics and the few fans you have to start with.

Start your content distribution plans by sharing your content across multiple platforms, bringing it to the attention of important influencers in your industry, sending it to your employees to see if they’re interested in sharing, and be sure to link all of your business and social accounts.

Your presentation is wrong for the platform

Each social media account, and each website type, has a specific way that they’re suppose to look. You’ll never grow your readership if your new viewers see your site or account for the first time and think that it looks wrong.

Take the time to create tweets that are punchy, not rambling and unfocused. Break up big blocks of text on your website and blog. Be formal and professional on LinkedIn. Have some fun and goof off a bit on Facebook. Use your business branding in your header images and other areas where you can stick your logo.

Analyzing what type of message works best on the platform you’re using is crucial as you’ll never grow your readership if they tune out as soon as they see your poorly presented message!

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by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.