Advantages of Crowd Marketing

Word of mouth is the most effective and valuable marketing tactic there is – both directly and indirectly. If no one is talking about you, your business or your stuff on social media – you’re missing out on over 52% of potential conversions.
That’s the key advantage of Crowd Marketing – it’s sponsored word of mouth. We get popular fans and targeted influencers talking about you, recommending you and promoting you to kick-start your word of mouth and get results flowing right away.
Here are the top seven advantages of running a Crowd Marketing campaign:

  • Highly-Targeted Traffic
    When your sponsored tweets, posts and mentions get seen by tens of thousands or even millions of people, you can be sure that you’ll receive hits, from people clicking your link, watching your video, listening to your song, or checking out your profile.
  • Actions / Conversions
    Attracting followers, subscribers, sales, leads, downloads or signups are another great short-term benefit you’ll see. In a recent study, 52% of consumers act on word of mouth recommendations, so you’ll typically see a higher conversion rate and lower bounce rate with Crowd Marketing traffic.
  • Engagements
    Retweets, likes & replies are another awesome aspect we commonly see with a sponsored tweet or posts. Getting real users to engage your content doesn’t just make these tweets look nice, they help you reach a bigger targeted audience and lets you know what your audience thinks about your stuff.
  • Favorites
    Favorites are personal and it’s how users save a tweet for later. When you see your sponsored tweets getting a lot of favorites, it’s because you’re doing something right.
  • Branding / Awareness
    You’re being promoted to thousands or even millions of real people on Twitter, which means these millions of people are seeing and being exposed to yourself, brand, product or content. Even if a person doesn’t act right away, they’ll remember and may act if they see it again.
  • Klout Score / Credibility
    Your Klout score is a measure of your influence and importance on social media. Being mentioned by reputable influencers with a high klout will increase your own social media accounts’ klout score, thus making you more reputable and important in your industry.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Promoting a website? Crowd Marketing is the cream of the crop when it comes to quality Social Signals, and can significantly help improve your ranking on Google search. It’s a great tactic for a White-Hat SEO strategy – we’ve tested and proven that it works.

Whether you’re promote your website, an app, or your Twitter account – making ViralTactic’s crowd marketing a part of your marketing strategy is a no brainer. It’s quick, affordable and worthwhile. Try it today.