Increase Store Customers with Social Media – Online Lead Generation

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We’ve spoken extensively about viral marketing and crowd marketing here on the Viral Tactic blog. These online marketing tactics can bring in huge numbers of interested people, but how do you turn those new social followers into qualified leads? How do you increase store customers, drive leads from the social media world to your store, and make you actual brick and mortar shop busy?

Today we’re going to look at the basics of taking your online leads, whether you earn these new followers through crowd marketing or some other way, and turning them into sales in your brick and mortar store. Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: GoPro YouTube Channel


Here on the viral marketing campaign of the week feature we like to focus on one specific video, tweet, or conentrated campaign. Today we’ll be looking at the entire campaign being running on one channel, YouTube, by the GoPro team.

Their individual videos may not be going viral, but their channel certainly has! Continue reading

How you can Grow Your Readership and Increase Followers

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You’ve been working away for a while, but want to grow your readership further…but how? There are any number of ways to achieve readership growth in a sustainable way. You’ll want to focus on the basics of great web content, no matter which social media platform you’re using, to achieve the best results.

Grow your readership with these 5 tips

Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Thai Mobile Ad “Technology will Never Replace Love”

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Creating an ad based on love for your child should be an absolute slam dunk, home run in the bottom of the ninth success. This Thai mobile ad, however, is proving to have stirred up some controversy around parenting stereotypes. For those that simply watch this latet tear-jerker Thai mobile ad for what it is, it has stirred up the exact positive emotions which it meant to evoke. Continue reading

Target your Local SEO with a Popular and Optimized YouTube Video

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We’re all aware of what a successful and well promoted YouTube video can do for your ability to find new customers. A successful campaign can help bring in thousands, or more, of relevant and converting visitors. But what else can you do with these videos to be successful?

The ability to find customers in your area through local SEO efforts is an important of any online marketing strategy, especially for small to medium sized businesses. YouTube is a worldwide platform, how could it possibly help you find customers who are in your town, or across the street even? Read on and I’ll show you how you can shift your impact from those in Paris, France, to those in Paris, Ontario Canada. Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Burger King’s #ProudWhopper campaign

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Every celebration is an opportunity to create a viral video that supports the event or holiday itself, while helping expose your product and maybe a little bit about humanity. Burger King’s #ProudWhopper, or Proud Burger, viral video does just that in a way that is both disturbing and heart warming.

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Burger King’s #ProudWhopper campaign

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5 Steps from New Fan – To Passionately Engaged Fan for Life

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Every business on social media wants to engage fans for a lifelong journey with their brand story. But how do you go about taking that person who casually saw a post shared by someone on their contact list and turn them into a lifelong fan who engages with your brand story?

Here are five points that you can follow to go from the first like, share, or retweet, to a fan for life. Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Always #LikeAGirl

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Gender roles and stereotypes have been a hot topic in the marketing world lately, breaking them down that is! This thought going through the public consciousness has been capitalized upon by Always with their #LikeAGirl video campaign, as well as their Twitter efforts. Continue reading

10 Patriotic Twitter Accounts to Follow this Fourth of July!

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The Fourth of July brings out the best of America every year as we celebrate this incredible nation. Social media is certainly a place that is not immune to the fervors of the Fourth of July, and Twitter is absolutely stuffed with messages of patriotic support.

Patriotic Twitter accounts to follow this Fourth of July!

Which Twitter accounts will have something worth listening to this fourth of July? Here are 10 that you should follow, if you aren’t already! Continue reading

Increase Conversions with Social Content Curation

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The fact that web users are consuming an incredible amount of social content should be no surprise to anyone as the selfie craze takes over the world. How can your brand increase conversion with this phenomenon? By looking at social content curation ideas that get people involved in the story of your brand.

Increase Conversions with Social Content Curation

Now, something being popular is one thing, but it being influential is quite another. What you may not know is that people are no longer trusting the word of the company, or even established online review websites, anymore. Continue reading