Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: First Moon Party

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Welcome to the second of our ongoing series of Viral marketing campaigns of the week. This week, we’re looking at a product that either gets a completely, well, I want to use the phrase ‘bollocks treatment,’ but that may be an odd choice, and hard for American readers to understand. Continue reading

How to Survive a Social Media Hoax That Goes Viral

social media hoax warning

Have you eve been sucked into a social media hoax before? A social media hoax is when a story spreads virally through the social web and people believe it is true. But, unfortunately for those sucked into it, the story is not true.

This can be fun in some cases, Jimmy Kimmel’s hoaxes come to mind, but for an online brand it can be a PR nightmare that starts through no fault of your own. Continue reading

The New Twitter GIF Feature: Go Viral in a Series of Photos!

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Twitter is always working to bring new and innovative features to their users. They announced on their blog that they will now allow GIFs to play in tweets. Or as Mashable groaningly put it: “Twitter gave its users a GIFt on Wednesday.”

The GIF feature is only available on the homepage, iPhone and Android devices. This covers most usage on Twitter, a full rollout to all devices is expected. So, how can you start reaching people with a Twitter GIF and see your follower numbers grow? Keep reading! Continue reading

Viral Ad Campaign of the Week: Dove #RealDadMoments campaign

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In our first feature looking at successful viral marketing campaigns of the week, we’re going to go clean with Dove Men+Care soap. Their #RealDadMoments campaign has been all over the social web this past week, giving Dove a bit of a viral boost at a key time for this aspect of their brand.

I’m going to talk about how it has succeeded so that you can gain insight into how you too can go viral. Continue reading

Viral Content Triggers: What Content Needs to Go Off

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Viral content triggers are what make someone think “Hey, I like that! Let’s see if one of my friends will like it too!” So what are these triggers and how can you include them in more of your content?

I’m going to look at a highly regarded study by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman titled “What Makes Online Content Viral” to gain some insight, and share with you how it works in conjunction with crowd marketing tactics. Continue reading

How to Create Potentially Viral Content

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Viral content may seem easy – just create something that people will love, hate, laugh at, or think about – and the magic of the internet should take care of the rest…right? If only viral marketing were that easy to get circulating! We’d all be rich if that were so!

The potentially viral content that you create will have a better chance of reaching a large number of people if you follow the advice presented below. Continue reading

George RR Martin Joins Twitter: Gains Instant Twitter Followers

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George RR Martin may be the most famous writer of books that spoil TV shows on Earth. His wildly successful Game of Thrones books drive the wildly successful Game of Thrones TV show.

He recently joined Twitter to instant results. His success in gaining instant Twitter followers is entirely due to his activity outside of Twitter: others should take note.

Continue reading

What is Viral Marketing?

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Simply put, viral marketing is an idea which spreads rapidly and helps market your business. In a modern context it spreads rapidly across the internet through social media platforms.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is the hot new trend in marketing as it helps you spread a message rapidly, with minimal effort, and with people who are excited about your brand message participating. This involvement of your fans, or brand evangelists, is the key in a viral marketing campaign as each person is a trusted voice of their peers and friends.

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