The best thing since sliced bread

Have you ever wondered what the next best thing is? In 2007, it was Apple’s iPhone – the first successful touchscreen smart phone. In 2013, it was BitCoin, the anonymous cryptocurrency that rose over 1000% in value.

ViralTactic-IconHow about 2014? We think it’s Crowd Marketing – a new way of accelerating word of mouth to naturally promote your stuff to the perfect audience.

Welcome to ViralTactic, a social media marketing company pioneering the way for Crowd Marketing. What is crowd marketing? It’s a way of kickstarting and accelerating word of mouth – the most effective marketing method there is. We help connect you with qualified influencers on social media, who will tweet, recommend and promote you or your stuff to their targeted followers. You can promote just about anything, from your Twitter account or YouTube video, to an app, product or website.

So, how does it work?

      1. Customize and place your order (telling us what you want to promote)
      2. Our experts will provide recommendations to improve your account or content
      3. We’ll invite qualified influencers to join your crowd marketing campaign and those who like your stuff will accept. Once enough influencers join, we’ll start.
      4. Influencers will tweet, share and recommend you and your awesome stuff to their loyal followers, fans and subscribers.
      5. Track your results and enjoy the 7 advantages of crowd marketing.