10 Ideas for Shareable Content that will Increase your Brand’s Reach

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Social media marketing tends to work best when you continually provide shareable content to your fans and followers. This can come in the form of tweets, video, blogs, status updates, and any other kind of content with a share button.

Creating content on a consistent basis that makes people want to share is a challenge. Here are 10 ideas to keep your shareable content fresh, and flowing from your social media accounts!

Shareable content ideas for your brand

1. Some of the best shareable content is happening right now

Current events are some of the most shareable things there are, especially on hyper-current Twitter. When you combine current events with your relevant knowledge, you can help solidify yourself as an expert in a field as your message is shared. Your reach grows, and you look smarter. Good deal!

2. Read your comments and replies often

If your active community is posting Facebook comments, Twitter replies, or non-hate filled comments on your YouTube videos, you’ll find ideas right there. These are the things that your fans are interested in talking about, some can make for useful content all on their own.

If you’re new and don’t have a lot of comments, try checking out the content streams of other brands in your industry. To get things going in a hurry, try out our Twitter Retweets Promotional service to find new people who may have something to say.

3. Your shareable content goes pop

It may be a little bit sleazy at time, but you can incorporate celebrity happenings into your shareable content plan if you’re in the right industry. If you make tires, it may be hard to comment on last night’s episode of the Kardashians. But if Kim stops by a race track and a brand of tires you sell are featured, well, if you can’t sell something with Mrs. West’s booty, you can’t sell anything.

shareable content is in your email4. Go through your own mail

You’re already creating shareable content in your sent box, why not go through it and see if there’s something in there that you share over and over again? Many brands use their email list to help them explain what’s going on with their company, a sales process, or something cool about their products. You can use this just as easily for shareable content on social media.

5. “The Best BLANK of BLANK in YEAR”

Starting around the end of October and lasting through to January you’ll start to see “The Best thing of this place at this time” posts. You can create your own shareable content around these themes. This won’t be evergreen content that will last well into next year for sharing, so make sure that this is a little snack in your shareable content plan and not the main course.

6. Start a debate

This can be as simple as finding a piece of content, like a relevant news story or blog post, and presenting an alternative point of view. You can then open the floor up for further discussion, and see if people share it with others who have an opinion on the topic. You can also feel free to start debates with others social media accounts, here’s a funny example:

7. Focus on the good when possible

Taking the time to highlight what are people are doing well is a welcome relief from the eternal gloom of standard news media. People come online to escape from the rest of the world, give them something good to come to and they’ll share it with their friends so that they feel good. Yes, this is why cute cat pictures are so popular.

Even in the middle of a level 10 crap-storm, try to find something good to talk about. An excellent example of this was during the Chick-Fil-A scandal when the CEO showed that he belongs in the stone age. Instead of attacking him, which plenty of people were during, write a constructive, not overtly critical, article about keeping your politics and religion out of your business. Attacking other brands or people in your industry is never a good idea, it makes you look petty.

8. Why are you here right now? The power of the list as shareable content!

Some of the most shareable content you may ever create is relevant, fun, silly, seriously researched lists. We’re focused on helping people get their content shared here at Viral Tactic, what’s more natural than a list about creating shareable content? Try to be more creative than lists like “10 Reasons to Buy Our Products,” and you should be fine.

9. Give something away and your content will be shared

Social media marketing is value added marketing. An easy way to add value to the content within social media is to give something away. When you fans see this they will want their friends to get in on the action. Make it even more enticing by offering higher discounts or better prizes for those who share it the most!

10. Rant your way to shareable content

As long as you’re not personally attacking someone, feel free to rant and rave about whatever you wish. Remember that the point of social media is for people to connect with a brand. This can be better accomplished by showing personality, not a bland marketing message. If ranting isn’t your thing, just have fun. This is social media, not a board meeting with the CEO:


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by Ernest Thompson

Ernest is an online marketing user and abuser with a keen eye for the latest viral trends. His years of experience in the online marketing industry are presented here on Viral Tactics for you to learn from, and to offer you a chance to add your opinions.